Critical Analysis

Read anxiously these instructions:  Critical Assay –  A analytical assay is your acknowledgment to the advice in an commodity and your appraisal of the address in which the advice is presented in the article. 1) This analytical assay area of this appointment should be four complete pages, typed, application APA 6th copy format. 2) The appellation folio is an added page; and 3) the advertence folio is addition added folio - A absolute of 6 pages for this assignment.    Topic:  • Technology Integration Strategies to Meet Special Needs Students  ***Directions: 1. See affair  listed above.  2. Select four peer-reviewed account accessories to use in your paper.  3. List the points\arguments\ the columnist uses to abutment the apriorism or accomplish his capital believability as the accessories chronicle to your topic. 4. Evaluate the authors’ presentation in anniversary article. In alternative words, how able-bodied did the columnist makes his/her point or supports the apriorism of the your paper.   5. Continue allegory your appointment by including areas listed below. (10 points)  • Criticize the facts or abridgement of facts, the organization, the tone, the author's credibility.  • Who wrote the articles? What do you apperceive about the authors?  • Are the accessories beeline account reporting, a annotation on some accident or situation, an editorial? Is it aloof the facts or a altercation of article that has happened?  • Do the authors arise objective? What affectionate of accent does the columnist use? Is it emotional?  • Are the facts correct, clear? Do they "seem" accurate. Is the advice complete? Does it arise that some important facts are omitted?   Do the writers arise to apperceive the accountable matter? As you apprehend the articles, do you "feel" that article is missing? Is it logical? Does it present abutment for his/her argument?  • Is there a bright thesis? Is it abundantly accurate with facts and data? Are inferences made?  • How is the actual organized, for example: A. Chronological adjustment B. Comparison/contrast C. Definition D. Cause/effect E. Problem/solution   

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