Crisis Intervention WK 4

Week 4: Question for Discussion  

(Wk # 4: May 25 to May 31 - Main column beneath Assignment by Wed, May 27 at 11:59 PM EST).

Chapter 7 - Post-Traumatic Stress

Question(s): be able to altercate 2 questions

There are altered treatments acclimated for the analysis of PTSD. The arbiter mentions several.

1. Select one of PTSD treatments and altercate it.

2. Explain why you called that accurate treatment.

Guidelines: The alternative needs to be from the textbook. Student mentions one of the treatments for PTSD (30 points). Student discusses the analysis (35 points). Student explains why she / he called that accurate analysis (35 points).

APA Format - With 2 associate advised references besides the arbiter (Crisis Intervention Strategies -  Richard K. James; Burl E. Gilliland )

STRICT APA 6th ed ADHERENCE - (Even in the references and citations please).

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