Criminology discussion assignment

For this forum, students will altercate the use of technology in law enforcement, and how this technology may appulse badge practices, ethics, and relationships aural the communities badge operate.  Through this altercation acceptance will attain a bigger compassionate of badge techniques and technologies, badge ethics, and the accent of acceptable affinity amid badge and the communities they serve.    read the absorbed account article: CCJ1020Module3DiscussionArticle(1).pdf Craft an antecedent column of at atomic 200 words that thoroughly addresses the afterward elements: Should affirmation of badge shootings taken by officer-worn anatomy cameras be fabricated accessible to the public?  Why or why not? In the aboriginal year afterwards Rialto, California, badge admiral began application body-worn cameras, aborigine complaints adjoin admiral decreased by 88 percent.  However, further research indicates cameras may not be as able at abbreviation administrator use of force and aborigine complaints as ahead thought.      How ability badge anatomy cameras affect police-community relations?  Discuss. According to your argument and the aloft article, what are some factors that ability access or abatement the capability of badge anatomy cameras?  Are anatomy cameras still useful, alike if they do not abate administrator use of force and/or aborigine complaints?  Discuss.      What do you anticipate the accord is/will be amid officer-worn cameras and ethics?  Consider the "Ethics in Law Enforcement" section. Be abiding to ascertain what belief is in your response.    

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