APPLYING THEORY ESSAY Because this advance meets General Education Requirements, the University mandates a minimum of 2000 words of autograph throughout the semester. This is a allowable writing-intensive course. You are to address an commodity that will authenticate both your analytical cerebration skills, and your compassionate of ONE abstract angle abundant this semester. By semester’s end we will accept explored a array of theories that seek to explain the access and assiduity (or desistance) of bent behavior. You will accept abstruse that none of these perspectives can explain abomination in every bearings accordingly there is no one “ideal” account of crime. Anniversary of these approaches comes with their own action implications and suggestions for how to abate abomination and accord with offenders to abate approaching criminality. In academic commodity architecture (with an addition and a conclusion), you are to use the case abstraction of “RED THE MARTYR” (a sex offender) to analyze what you accept the “best” abstract access is to explain the crimes affianced in by Red. The commendation for Red the Martyr is: Schultz, Pamela D. (2005). Not monsters: Analyzing the belief of adolescent molesters. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. You charge authenticate that you accept apprehend the commodity in its absoluteness . . . the use of examples (cited appropriately) is conceivably the best able way to achieve this task. Please digest instead of application diffuse quotations. Points to adviser your paper: • Elaborate/summarize the capital tenets/points of the abstract angle you accept called (Example: rational best theory; amusing acquirements theory; cogwheel affiliation theory; activity advance theory, etc.). • Integrate the bent behaviors discussed in the commodity application your called theory. • Elaborate why the access you accept called provides the best explanation. • From a action perspective, altercate at atomic ONE way in which this blazon of abomination ability be beat (this advocacy charge be constant with the abstract access you accept chosen). In your cardboard you are to use alone ONE access to explain the sex offenses discussed in the Red case study. For example, ONE specific annex of biological access . . . do NOT explain how anniversary annex of biological access could explain animal offending. Your applying access commodity charge be at atomic bristles pages in length, bifold spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, application one-inch margins, and adapted citations included application the APA commendation system. This agency FIVE FULL pages of text! You will be provided with the befalling to alter the commodity as this is a advance in which you apprentice to advance your writing. I will accommodate absolute acknowledgment on the abstract commodity and you will be appropriate to alter and resubmit the absorption for the consecutive deadline. You MUST accomplish your REVISIONS aural the certificate that I accept graded/edited!!! Failure to do so will aftereffect in a amends on your revised assignment! That is, your revisions should be fabricated in Abstract One! Failure to abide the additional abstract above-mentioned to the borderline will aftereffect in you earning THE SAME GRADE AS ON DRAFT ONE!!! Draft 1 will be account 40 points; Abstract 2 will be account 60 points. In total, the Applying Access Commodity will be account 100 points/33% of your final advance grade.

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