Criminal Prosecution For Nursing Practice

Criminal Case for Nursing Practice

Read the afterward case abstraction and abide a 1- to 2-page article in a Microsoft Word certificate application APA 6th copy in acknowledgment to the questions.

Case Study:

Until recently, the accident of bent case for nursing convenance was absent unless nursing activity rose to the akin of bent intent, such as the case of afterlife arch to annihilation charges. However, in April 1997, three nurses at the Centura St. Anthony Hospital, alfresco of Denver, were accusable by a Colorado admirable board for criminally behindhand assassination in the afterlife of a newborn. Public annal appearance that one assistant was assigned to affliction for the baby. A additional assistant offered to abetment her aide in caring for the baby. A third assistant was a assistant practitioner in the hospital nursery. Because the babyish was at accident for complete syphilis, the physician ordered that the nurses accord 150,000 units of intramuscular penicillin, which would accept appropriate bristles abstracted injections.

In affiliation to alternative problems the aforementioned day, the babyish was subjected to a lumbar puncture, which appropriate six aching attempts. To abstain inflicting added pain, assistant two asked the assistant practitioner whether there was addition avenue accessible for the administering of the penicillin. Assistant two and the assistant practitioner searched accustomed pharmacology references and bent that intravenous administering would be acceptable. The assistant practitioner had the ascendancy to change the avenue and directed assistant two to administrate the medication intravenously rather than intramuscularly. Unrecognized by the nurses, the pharmacy afield delivered the medication, able and accessible to administer, in a dosage ten times greater than was ordered—1.5 actor units. As assistant two was administering the medication intravenously, the babyish died. The Colorado Board of Nursing accomplished antidotal affairs adjoin assistant two and the assistant practitioner, but not adjoin assistant one. The admirable board accusable all three nurses on accuse of criminally behindhand assassination but did not arraign the pharmacist (Calfee & Plum, 1997).

Respond to the following:

  • Identify what affections are evoked as you accede the Colorado Board of Nursing case declared above?
  • Should the courts booty into application the actuality that the nurses' absurdity occurred because they capital to abstain causing the babyish accidental pain? Discuss your thinking.
  • Can you anticipate of alternative occupations in which the after-effects of accidental errors accept greater acknowledged implications? Discuss your answer.
  • How should the nursing profession acknowledge to this alarming new acknowledged threat?
  • Which sections of the State Assistant Convenance Act did the nurses violate?


Calfee, B. E, & Plum, S. D. (1997). Nurses indicted: Three Denver nurses face prison
           in a case that bodes ill for the profession
. Retrieved from http://business.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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