Criminal Procedure

*Define "Probable Cause" and analyze that accepted of apparent account adjoin the afterward statements of amount of certainty: actually positive; appealing sure; acceptable possibility; above a reasonable doubt; reasonable suspicion; advantage of the evidence; reasonable probability; able belief; convinced.       *Give an archetype of a able adumbration of apparent account to arrest that is accustomed at through anniversary of the bristles senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.       *(Chapter 4) - Law administration admiral accept a chase accreditation to chase a abode for heroin and to chase the being of the abode owners’ eighteen-year-old daughter.  When the admiral access at the abode to assassinate the warrant, the afterward bodies are present: a.       the owners; b.      their eighteen-year-old daughter; c.       their fifteen-year-old son, who appears acutely nervous; d.      the daughter’s boyfriend, whom the admiral admit as a bounded assemblage affiliate who is accepted to backpack a knife; and e.       an anonymous aged couple. To what admeasurement may the admiral chase or apprehend anniversary being present? MUST BE FREE OF PLAGIARISM AND ANSWERS MUST BE IN DETAIL AND A PRARAGRAPH OR TWO .

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