Criminal Law

 Assignment II. Commodity Review. Analysis Methods (15%) In this appointment you will analysis one of the accessories acquaint on the Blackboard (in CONTENT folder), applying ability that you acquired in your analysis methods class. 1. If your aftermost name starts with A – K accept either Democratization or Evaluation article. If your aftermost name starts with L – Z accept either Individualism or Mothers article. The accessories are acquaint in the CONTENT folder. 2. Read called commodity carefully. 3. You are asked to accommodate a 1-page arbitrary of the commodity that includes the following: a. Research problem b. Research catechism or hypothesis c. Research architecture (qualitative, quantitative or alloyed methods) and blazon of analysis architecture (e.g., case study, ethnography, agreement etc.) d. Sample (size and type), and how it was selected e. Main results f. Significance of research 4. Turn in 1-page with a-f (point 3). You don’t accept to abode an commodity but you can abode anniversary point separately. On the top abode called commodity in the APA. 5. If you don’t bethink some of the analysis methods’ concepts, you can use any of the analysis methods textbooks. Due on 06/17 via TURNITIN is the appropriation apprehension software. My aftermost name is S. This is the article. 

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