Criminal Law

  Write  a 2 folio cardboard allegory the actuality arrangement book below. Provide a  detailed assay of what crimes anniversary being may be answerable with and  which defenses ability be accessible to anniversary person. Make abiding your abutment  your acknowledgment with acknowledged acumen application the Model Penal Code. Make abiding all citations are in APA or Blue book format. Please see the absorbed allocation explanation below. This allocation explanation will be acclimated to brand this assignment. Mike  and his adolescent girlfriend, Tina, both out of assignment and penniless, anticipation  that adulation was all that mattered and absitively to get married. Although  Mike had no money, he told Tina he was activity to buy her an assurance  ring. Tina inquired how he could allow it and he looked at her, winked,  and said, “watch me”. The brace went to Malaguti’s Jewelry abundance and  Tina best out the arena of her dreams, which amount $5,000.00. Mike paid  in banknote and Tina could not accept how and asked area Mike got the  money. Mike rushed Tina from the abundance with the ring. Mike  told Tina not to anguish about the money and besides, it alone amount him  $500.00 because the money was affected and he had purchased it  earlier from his acquaintance Tony. The altercation concluded as he kissed her and  slipped the arena assimilate her finger. They got affiliated the abutting day at the  Justice of the Peace. After  the commemoration they absitively to go to the bounded bar and alcohol to their  wedded bliss. While there, several accompany purchased assorted circuit of  shots for them. Mike drank what Tina was clumsy to. When Mike ordered  more, the bartender Tommy, banned to serve him added due to his  condition. An altercation ensued and Mike pulled out a gun from his abridged  and accursed a distinct attempt which aching Tommy’s arm, ricocheted and dead  Maria, addition bartender, who was continuing abaft Tommy. Mike  grabbed Tina and started to leave. Tina, who had appear to her faculty  about Mike by now, resisted, but Mike affected her out and pushed her into  his car. Tina insisted that if he did not about-face himself into the police,  she would. Mike collection to his acquaintance Tony’s apartment. Mike pushed Tina,  now hysterical, into Tony’s accommodation and told Tony what happened.  Mike, now panicked, aimed the gun at Tina. Tony, a baby time x-con did  not appetite to be answerable with murder, so he stepped in advanced on Mike to  try to stop him. Before Mike could achieve this however, Tina had  backed abroad from Mike to an accessible window from which she fell to her  death. Mike again hit Tony over the arch with the gun and Tony fell to an  unconscious state. Before leaving, Mike abounding his pockets with Mike’s  phony money to use for his getaway.  Mike  flagged a auto bottomward to booty to his apartment. The auto driver, Marie,  realized the money was affected Mike had paid his book with. In a fit of  anger, and canonizing area she alone Mike off, Marie absitively to get  the money that was owed to her and went to accost Mike. After no one  answered the door, Marie noticed a doggie aperture on the ancillary door. She  decided to blooper through the dog aperture and tip toe into the accommodation to  get her money. In the dark, she tripped over a skate board, hit her  head. In the morning the badge were alleged to Mike's apartment. Marie  was taken to the hospital and eventually released.

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