Criminal Law 2 page essay

 SAFE ASSIGN WILL BE USED TO CHECK FOR ORIGINALITY Consider that you are a aegis advocate who has afresh taken on a new client, G. Mitchel. G. Mitchel, a 17-year old, has been arrested for causing an blow that resulted in the afterlife of addition disciplinarian and her four-year old son. Mitchel was texting while active and beyond the bifold chicken lines, arresting the alternative car. Develop an appointment that prepares Mitchel for cloister and addresses the afterward points: Initially, prosecutors afflicted Mitchel as accessory due to his age. Explain how you would adapt your applicant for this trial. What should he apprehend for the balloon and sentencing? The afterward week, you apprentice that the prosecutors accept absitively to allegation him as an adult. What are the differences in the trials of amateur and adults? How could the sentencing appearance additionally be different? In your opinion, should teenagers accused of crimes be approved as adults? Why, or why not? Your completed acknowledgment should be a minimum of two pages in length. You are appropriate to use a minimum of two alfresco sources, one in which may be the advance textbook.

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