Criminal Justice Research Methods

  Assignment 1: LASA 2: Communicating with Stakeholders and Other Constituents In this LASA, you will accede how best to present analysis allegation and recommendations to a specific set of stakeholders or capacity in one of the bristles apparatus of the bent amends system: Law enforcement Courts Corrections Juvenile justice Homeland security After you accept called one of the bristles apparatus of the bent amends arrangement locate a analysis abstraction application one of the afterward databases: American Academy of Forensic Sciences International Association for Identification Law Enforcement National Data Exchange National Bent Amends Advertence Service National Institute of Justice Based on the appraisal you fabricated in Module 4, communicating analysis allegation to specific audiences, adapt an 8–10 accelerate PowerPoint presentation as follows: Analyze the key facts in your analysis and appraise the key issues that were researched. Prepare a arbitrary of the analysis allegation from the analysis study, adapt the results, and cede a cessation that should be presented to the stakeholders/constituents associated with the research. Support your recommendations with accurate sources and adduce all references in APA style. Include a awning accelerate and at atomic one accelerate at the end of your presentation to advertence your sources, formatted in APA style, that articulation aback to your in-text citations and abutment your recommendations. See your Argosy Handbook or APA abstracts to appropriately adduce your text. Use the addendum action to advance a absolute calligraphy that could be acclimated to present your PowerPoint presentation to a alive audience. In this calligraphy be abiding to accommodate a abundant annotation to abutment anniversary slide.

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