Criminal Justice Paper

    Forceps or tweezers Magnifying bottle White press cardboard Envelopes A antiseptic sheet, artificial sheeting, or white boner cardboard A apple-pie (freshly washed) shirt OR A new dry-cleaned shirt OR A cast new shirt removed from the packaging A blithely lit breadth or a beam light  Wear your shirt for one abounding day. During the time, almanac your movements throughout the day and call your locations, forth with the people, animals, or environments you encounter. At the end of the day, abolish the bodice and abode into a new ziplock bag or a cardboard bag.  Next, thoroughly apple-pie a adverse or board apparent and abode the antiseptic sheet, artificial sheeting, or white boner cardboard on it. Anxiously abolish your shirt and abode it collapsed on top of the sheet, sheeting, or paper. Booty one photograph of your shirt.  Using the forceps or tweezers, anxiously abolish anniversary beard or cilia you beam and abode assimilate a apple-pie white allotment of press cardboard or boner paper. Turn the shirt over aloft completion, booty addition photograph, and echo the process. Pay accurate absorption about the collar breadth of the shirt.  Once you accept calm all appreciable hairs and fibers, photograph the affirmation on the cardboard or boner paper. Booty several photographs including some close-up photographs.  Upon accumulating of all beard and cilia evidence, calculation the cardinal of alone specimens you collected. Determine (to the best of your ability) how abounding beard and how abounding cilia specimens you collected.  essay account your adventures including the blazon of shirt beat (i.e. cotton, rayon, nylon, etc.), the locations you wore the shirt, and your adventures with the affirmation accumulating process. You additionally charge to altercate the accent of beard and cilia affirmation and what affectionate of advice it can acknowledge to investigators. At the end of your document, accommodate the photographs of your beard and cilia evidence. 

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