Criminal Justice

  Case Study 2: Apparent View, Accessible Fields, Abandonment, and Bound Searches as They Relate to Chase and Seizures Due Week 6 and account 100 points Officer Williams asked the neighborhood's approved debris beneficiary to put the agreeable of the defendant's debris that was larboard on the barrier in artificial accoutrements and to about-face over the accoutrements to him at the end of the day. The debris beneficiary did as the administrator asked in adjustment to not mix the debris already he calm the defendant's garbage. Then, Administrator Williams' partner, Administrator Martinez, searched through the debris and begin items apocalyptic of narcotics use. Administrator Williams and Administrator Martinez again recited the advice that was acquired from the debris in an affirmation in abutment of a accreditation to chase the defendant's home. Administrator Martinez and Administrator Williams encountered the actor at the abode after that day aloft beheading of the warrant. The admiral begin quantities of cocaine and heroin during the chase and arrested the actor on abomination narcotics charges. Write a 1- to 2-page cardboard in which you: Identify the built-in alteration that would administer Administrator Williams' and Administrator Martinez' actions. Analyze the authority and amends of the officers' actions. Assess if the officers' accomplishments were justified beneath the doctrines of apparent view, abandonment, accessible fields, or bound searches. Abutment your acknowledgment by citation specific case law and/or abreast cases. Use at atomic three affection references. Note: Wikipedia and alternative agnate websites do not authorize as bookish resources.

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