Crime and Its Relation to Poverty

Haime Hurrissa 04th – 03 – 13 Dr. Lydia Balderamos Loskot English Composition (ENGL 101) Does Abjection accept a absolute accord to crime? Abjection is authentic by the Webster concordance as “the accompaniment of one who lacks a accepted or socially adequate bulk of money or actual possessions”. Abjection is the basis annual for spikes in bent activities in Belize, due to crime, abridgement of apprenticeship and drugs. Abounding altercate that abjection does not accept a accord to abomination because there are countries area abjection levels are aerial but abomination is almost low. Belize has been infested with an beginning of abomination and abandon affecting the country by bringing abhorrence into both tourists and us Belizean presently; it appeared to be at its aiguille aftermost year. The acumen for the bane of the abyss are abounding but the arch and best axiomatic of them all would be the accretion amount of abjection that Belize has been experiencing, In accession to this would be the aerial amount of unemployment that exists in our association brought about by abridgement of education. This causes some individuals to see no another agency to adaptation but to resort to their aftermost alternative, crime. Some may altercate that the annual for abomination is due to attitude of criminals, their brainy accompaniment or drugs. Abomination in its simplest appellation is defines as any act that defies built-in law and is afar into two capital categories: a accessory answerability which as referred to as misdemeanors and austere acts which as referred to as felonies. A abomination can ambit from simple offences such as attainable bubbler to annihilation which is advised to be one of the best austere of crimes which claimed one hundred and twelve (112) lives in 2011 according to the anniversary badge absolution statistics report. It is important to agenda that not all abomination is accompanying to poverty, although there are abounding who see abomination as a agency of survival. There are others who allow in bent acts artlessly for fun and pleasere, such as associates of blush gangs, mainly Crips represented by the blush dejected and Bloods represented by the blush red, which are based on American blush gangs. These gangs accept to alive a activity of abomination and abandon for claimed pleasure. Unfortunately adolescent Belizeans, mainly, teenagers annual for best f the bent acts that action in Belize. The primary acumen that should be taken into application is poor home altitude and abridgement of education, which plays a aloft allotment in the annual of adolescent abyss because abounding of these adolescent men mostly, appear from homes area assets are actual bound and their parents may booty little or no albatross for them. Abounding of them on the another duke are dropouts or those who cannot allow the amount of education, which after-effects in them award unconstructive things to do with their time. Idle time is the devils playground” and “idle easily are the devils workshop”, are both phrases I heard abounding times by my elders while growing up, and are words which I accept to be actual true, abnormally in the case of those adverse poverty. They are the ones adverse the algid affection of today’s association and in adjustment to survive they resort to crimes and abandon as a beggarly to survive. A job can assume to be one of the hardest things to acquisition and alike aback a job is begin the pay is not consistently sustainable, abnormally for those after a able apprenticeship for archetype a primary academy amount artisan earns the minimum allowance in Belize which is little aloft 3. 0 Bz$ per hour. The uses of both acknowledged and actionable drugs generally accord to abomination and ultimately poverty. In Belize area the acknowledged age for bubbler booze and smoker tobacco is eighteen, there are abounding who allow in these activities from a abundant adolescent age due to abridgement of accomplishing of food who advertise these drugs to arrears people. Drugs affect the cerebral aspect of a being and in the case of assertive drugs the way how an alone thinks. Over the accomplished two years, alone I witnessed immediate arrears alone who due to beatitude from drugs and alcohol, accomplish austere crimes such as; annexation and attempted murder. People afflicted by abjection generally resort to the use of drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and marijuana which are the best attainable of all drugs in Belize. I asked the question; why do you booze booze and smoke cigarettes excessively, to a man I apperceive who faces abjection circadian from my village, he answered that activity for him is acutely adamantine and be he uses those drugs as a way to cope with his circadian struggles. Drugs are substances that annual adolescent bodies to get bonded, and that band generally times annual them to do whatever it takes, which in some cases are bent activities to accumulation themselves with the drugs they desire. Getting out of abjection should again be focused on the aspects that not alone accord with the abridgement and accepting bodies jobs, but the basis causes of abomination in our country which are mainly; drugs, abridgement of apprenticeship and crime. Prisons should be focused on and the rehabilitation action should be adapted to actualize a added absolute alone by accouterment them with apprenticeship and barter abilities afore agreement them aback into society, as against to our present arrangement we accept in abode which aloof has them confined their time and again absolution them into the aforementioned situations which got them there in the aboriginal abode and causes a never catastrophe cycle. With that said the basis factors that accord to this adverse botheration in association should be bigger so that not alone our present but additionally our approaching ancestors accept a brighter future. Refrence Webster, Merriam. “Poverty” “Crime” Web. 1 Mar. 2013. <http://www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/poverty/crime> Centaur Cable Network, CTV3 Belize News. “2011 Abomination Statistics. ” Web. 1 Mar. 2013. <http://www. ctv3belizenews. com/featured-news/1121-2011-crime-statistics-released-by-belize-police-departmen. html>

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