Creative Practicing (CP):This activity is advised to accommodate you with an befalling to amplitude your own adroitness through approved convenance over several weeks (12 hours minimum convenance time is required).  The focus of your artistic practicing should be article alone meaningful.  Some possibilities are:  writing, movement/dance, autogenous decorating, ancestors activities, relaxation/meditation techniques, articulate history, cuisine, photography, annual arranging, gardening, woodworking, entertainment, etc.  Whatever you accept as your artistic practicing goal,you charge be able to avert it in agreement of an befalling to try out article new or do article in a new way.   Just affective yourself to do article you do not appetite to do (such as exercise, apple-pie out the garage, etc.) does not aggregate a activity for this appointment unless you can appearance me how adroitness is all-important to achieve the task.  The ultimate ambition to accumulate in apperception is exploring and developing your own creativity.  Evaluation will be based on your capability in allotment a ambition that can amplitude your adroitness and in developing your own claimed adroitness through practice.  Each apprentice will allotment the afterward elements of his/her experience:  A)  A description of the artistic practicing activity you called and a account for why you called it (15 points) B) Examples of the practicing at assorted stages (15 points) B) Descriptions and reflections of blocks to your adroitness that occurred and what techniques you active to affected those blocks (20 points) C) A arbitrary assessment, including what you anticipate was accomplished, how you feel about the experience, how you ability change your artistic practicing, and what avenues you plan to abode with artistic practicing in the future. (25 points) Note: The architecture for how you abode A-C is up to you.  You may abide a paper, imovie, powerpoint, website, etc.  Be artistic and accept fun.

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