Creating Value Through Operations

  Reflection Competency 1: Evaluate data-driven processes and approaches of an organization’s operations. This absorption action is comprised of two sections, collectively accretion a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts. Operations Management Explain what assignment in operations administration looks like and what key operational decisions a close needs to accomplish to bout accumulation with demand. Determine how to advance action ability by off-loading a aqueduct or how to antithesis a action by relocating assignment from one footfall to another.  Evaluate the Lean Philosophy ​​​​​​​Choose 3 of the afterward questions to discuss: What is the Lean abstraction and why is it important to study?  How can Lean be activated to accomplishment and account processes?  Will Lean assignment in account environments? Why or why not?  Discuss means to use Lean to advance 1 of the following: a pizza restaurant, a hospital, or an auto dealership.  Why is Lean adamantine to apparatus in practice?  Explain the accord amid affection and abundance beneath the Lean philosophy.

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