Creating an Image Gallery Application

Starting with the downloadable appointment files, address the Javascript bare for the application. Use the book and lectures as a guide. In this exercise, you’ll advance an Angel Gallery appliance that displays altered images back the user clicks on the links at the top of the page. This works like the Angel Swap appliance below. 1.  You’ll acquisition the HTML, CSS, and angel files for this appliance in the anniversary 6 folder You’ll additionally acquisition an abandoned JavaScript book called image_gallery.js. You can add your cipher to this file. Customize the interface with your aboriginal and aftermost names. 2.  In the JavaScript file, add an accident abettor for the ready() accident method. 3.  Use the each() adjustment to run a activity for anniversary <a> aspect in the unordered account of items. Then, add jQuery cipher that gets the URL and explanation for anniversary angel and preloads the image. You can get the URL from the href aspect of the <a> element, and you can get the explanation from the appellation attribute. 4.  Add an accident abettor for the bang accident of anniversary link. The activity for this accident abettor should acquire a constant called evt. The jQuery cipher for this accident abettor should affectation the angel and explanation for the articulation that was clicked. In addition, it should use the evt constant to abolish the absence activity of the link.  5.  Add a jQuery account that moves the focus to the aboriginal articulation on the folio back the folio is loaded.

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