Assignment: Creating a Flowchart

Workflow assay aims to actuate workflow patterns that aerate the able use of assets and abbreviate activities that do not add value. There are a array of accoutrement that can be acclimated to assay the workflow of processes and assay abeyant avenues for eliminating waste. Flowcharts are a basal and frequently acclimated workflow assay adjustment that can advice highlight areas in charge of streamlining.

In this Assignment, you baddest a accepted accident that occurs consistently in your alignment and actualize a flowchart apery the workflow. You assay the action you accept diagrammed and adduce changes for improvement.

To prepare:

·         Identify a common, simple accident that frequently occurs in your alignment that you would like to evaluate.

·         Consider how you would architecture a flowchart to represent the accepted workflow.

·         Consider what metrics you would use to actuate the capability of the accepted workflow and analyze areas of waste.

To complete:

Write a 4- to 5-page cardboard which includes the following:

·         Create a simple flowchart of the action you selected. (Review the Sample Workflow of Answering a Telephone in an Office certificate begin in this week’s Learning Assets for an example.)

·         Next, in your paper:

o    Explain the action you accept diagrammed.

o    For anniversary footfall or accommodation point in the process, analyze the following:

§  Who does this step? (It can be several people.)

§  What technology is used?

§  What behavior and rules are complex in free how, when, why, or area the footfall is executed?

§  What advice is bare for the beheading of this step?

o    Describe the metric that is currently acclimated to admeasurement the acumen of the workflow. Is it effective?

o    Describe any areas area improvements could action and adduce changes that could accompany about these improvements in the workflow.

o    Summarize why it is important to be acquainted of the breeze of an activity.



·         Remember to accommodate a awning page, introduction, and arbitrary for your paper.

Submit the Assignment.

Note: This cardboard will serve as the Portfolio Assignment for the course.


McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2015). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.

  • Chapter 14, “Nursing Informatics: Improving Workflow and Meaningful Use”

    This affiliate reviews the affidavit for administering workflow assay and design. The columnist explains specific workflow assay and redesign techniques.

Huser, V., Rasmussen, L. V., Oberg, R., & Starren, J. B. (2011). Accomplishing of workflow agent technology to bear basal analytic accommodation abutment functionality. BMC Medical Analysis Methodology, 11(1), 43–61.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

In this article, the authors call an accomplishing of workflow agent technology to abutment analytic accommodation making. The commodity describes some of the pitfalls of implementation, forth with acknowledged and approaching elements.

Koppel, R., & Kreda, D. A. (2010). Healthcare IT account and adequacy for analytic needs: Challenges of design, workflow, and acknowledged relations. Studies in Bloom Technology and Informatics, 157, 7–14.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

This commodity credibility to abounding bloom advice technology designs and workflow decisions that absolute their amount and usage. The authors additionally appraise the anatomy of the conceptual relationships amid HIT vendors and the analytic accessories that acquirement HIT.

U.S. Department of Bloom & Human Services. (n.d.b). Workflow appraisal for bloom IT toolkit. Retrieved, June 18, 2012, from


This commodity food a toolkit on the planning, design, implementation, and use of bloom advice technology. The sections of the website accommodate a analogue of workflow, examples of workflow tools, accompanying anecdotes, and research.

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