Create and Populate a Database

The afterward appointment is based on the business book for which you created both an entity-relationship diagram and a normalized database architecture in Week 2. For this assignment, you will actualize assorted accompanying tables that bout your normalized database design.  In alternative words, you will apparatus a concrete architecture (an actual, accessible database) based on a analytic design. Refer to the affiliated accessories “SQL CREATE TABLE Statement,” “SQL PRIMARY KEY Constraint,” “SQL FOREIGN KEY Constraint,” and “SQL INSERT INTO Statement” for advice in commutual this assignment. To Complete This Assignment: Use the CREATE TABLE account to actualize anniversary table in your design. Note that a table in a RDMS corresponds to an article in an entity-relationship diagram. Recommended tables for this appointment are CUSTOMER, ORDER, ORDER_DETAIL, PRODUCT, EMPLOYEE, and STORE. As allotment of anniversary CREATE TABLE statement, ascertain all of the columns, or fields, that you appetite anniversary accurate table to contain. Give them short, allusive names and accommodate constraints; that is, call what blazon of abstracts anniversary cavalcade (field) is accustomed to authority and any alternative constraints, such as size, range, or uniqueness. Note that any acreage you apparent as a different identifier in your normalized database architecture is a key field. Key fields charge be declared as both UNIQUE and NOT NULL, which agency a amount charge abide for anniversary almanac and that amount charge be different beyond all records. After you accept created all six tables, including relationships amid the tables as adapted (matching the primary key in one table to a adopted key in addition table), use the INSERT INTO account to admit 10 annal into anniversary of your tables. You will charge to accomplish up the abstracts you admit into your tables. For example, to admit one almanac into the CUSTOMER table, you will charge to ad-lib a chump number, a chump name, and so on—one amount for anniversary of the fields you authentic for the CUSTOMER table—to admit into the table. To ensure that your INSERT INTO statements succeeded in clearing your tables, use the SELECT account declared in Ch. 7, “Introduction to Structured Query Language,” in Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and retrieve the annal you inserted. For example, to see all 10 annal you amid into the CUSTOMER table, you ability administer the afterward SQL statement: SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER; After you accept created all six tables and busy ten annal in anniversary table, abide to the Appointment Files tab the database absolute all of the tables you created, or a Microsoft® Word certificate advertisement all of the SQL statements you used. Brewton Order Chump number: 9876 Brewton Enterprises, Inc. Order Form Customer name: John Doe Customer address: 456 Bishop Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Tel: (808) 8650990 Sales agent: Lloyd Johnson Sales abettor number: S99 Product No. Description Quantity Unit Price Normalization of Brewton Enterprises, Inc. Order Form (Brewton Business Scenario)  UNF  1NF  2NF  3NF  Entity Name  Product No.*   Product No.*  -No. of Employees)  - No. Employee Positions)  -Quantity)  - Unit Price)  -No. of Employees)  - No. Employee Positions)  -Quantity)  - Unit Price)  -Employees  - Employee   -Quantity  - Price  Employees  Quantity  Price  No. of Employees)  No. Employee Positions)  Page Break  Location of Business*  Quantity)  Unit Price)

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