Create an Annotated Bibliography (WILL PROVIDE PREVIOUS PAPER)

 ASSIGNMENT: Using your analysis question, alive thesis, and outline from Touchstone 1.2, actualize an annotated bibliography that provides a abridgment of your sources and an account of how you will use them.    1. Annotated Bibliography Make abiding to: ❒ Alphabetize the entries, according to APA style. ❒ Accommodate the adapted bibliographic advice in APA architecture for anniversary entry.❒ Accommodate 3-4 sentences for anniversary access that accommodate a abbreviate arbitrary of the antecedent and how you plan to use it to abutment your argument.❒ Accommodate at atomic seven entries in your annotated bibliography, all of which charge be credible, bookish sources.❒ Choose your own sources, but use no added than three websites (there is no absolute on the cardinal of online journals used).❒ Thoroughly analysis the formatting requirements for the altered antecedent types.❒ Indicate the adapted sources (book, peer-reviewed journal, newspaper/magazine, and aboveboard website) by including the antecedent blazon in parentheses afterwards the accordant entry. 2. Reflection ❒ Have you displayed a bright compassionate of the analysis activities? ❒ Have you answered all absorption questions carefully and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses? ❒ Are your answers included on a abstracted folio beneath the capital assignment? B. Absorption Questions DIRECTIONS: Beneath your assignment, accommodate answers to all of the afterward absorption questions. Accurately recording bibliographic advice is capital and saves you time, as you can alteration this advice to the References folio of your drafted essay. Anniversary antecedent access should accommodate a abrupt arbitrary of the antecedent as able-bodied as 3-4 sentences anecdotic how you intend to use that antecedent to body or abutment your argument. Discuss how your annotated bibliography meets these criteria. (2-3 sentences) Which strategies were best accessible for you back analytic for aboveboard sources? (2-3 sentences) What difficulties did you face while analytic for aboveboard sources? How did you affected these difficulties? (2-3 sentences)   D. Requirements The afterward requirements charge be met for your acquiescence to be graded: Double-space the bibliography entries and use one-inch margins. Use a clear 12-point font. All autograph charge be adapted for an bookish context. Composition charge be aboriginal and accounting for this assignment. Plagiarism of any affectionate is carefully prohibited. Submission charge accommodate your name, the name of the course, the date, and the appellation of your composition. Submission charge accommodate your absorption questions.

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