Create a WBS for a Project

You are bold the role of the activity administrator for a aggregation alleged SuperPacks to accommodate a new haversack artefact with a congenital algidity accessory and radio module. Your chump for this activity is the U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations. As the activity administrator for your team, you will be appointment to your administrator a project administration report. Instructions Work Breakdown Schedule As the activity manager, your role is to clue and administer the projects you are alive on; creating a Statement of Assignment and a Assignment Breakdown Structure are accoutrement that can advice you administer a activity or projects. Below you will actualize a Statement of assignment consisting of the basics of the project(s) you are alive on. Consider this agnate to a business or business report, but this will ascertain the project, activity scope, and all-embracing action of the project. Part One Statement of Assignment (SOW) Document: Develop the activity Statement of Assignment certificate to accommodate the afterward information: Business need Product ambit description Strategic plan Part Two As allotment of your Statement of Assignment for your project, you will actualize a Assignment Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS allows for activity managers to compose all tasks of the projects into abate apparatus to ensure a added acquiescent project(s). Develop the activity Assignment Breakdown Structure application the WBS Template.

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