Create a Term-project about a business of Aiport sleeping rooms

Create a name for the business aggregation and a logo  Make a artistic powerpoint afterward a business plan steps between 15-20 slides Create the altered apartment blueprint plan and pictures in 3D show the altered types of apartment (for distinct person, 2 beds, & ancestors room) create a website that appearance the airport sleeping apartment selections, how to apply, pictures, promotion, the amount of anniversary allowance per hour(it doesn't accept to be expensive. ex: $10 per hour) also appearance the airport blueprint and the sleeping allowance breadth in the aback of the airport abutting anon to the terminals(the airport cipher is JFK) Show in the powerpoint if the business is leasing the breadth or if it was purchased. show who are the business ambition market show how how abounding advisers the business has and how abundant they are paid per hour or annually, additionally how the business would abound in the future what are the backbone & weaknesses of the company future challenges and of the company  show the allowances that Both the aggregation and barter gain when the website is created you can archetype 7 adhesive the articulation in the powerpoint presentations 

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