Cracking the Myan Code

Watching the NOVA appropriate Cracking the Maya Code fabricated me apprehend a lot of things about the Maya’s and about their accent that I had never afore known. I anticipation it was actual absorbing how they ample out the Dresden album activated to a time the cosmos had started. Even added than that, they activated that to our calendar, to advice them date the autography that they found. I anticipate it is absolutely absorbing how they recreated what the Maya cities would accept looked like, and how the civilizations would accept been. I anticipate one of the best important discoveries declared in the video admitting was the one stilla of the Mayans has actual relevance. This analysis helped the archeologists to put calm a abundant bigger account of history and of activity in Maya time. It is as abutting to accounting certificate as the historians are activity to get, which makes it so air-conditioned that they begin this discovery. | Another absorbing affair I begin in the video was the dematerialization of accent of hieroglyphics. I didn’t apperceive that Maya’s were affected abroad from that language, and that abounding now did not apperceive how to apprehend it. I aloof affectionate of anticipation of it as a ‘dead language’ not as one that was a built-in accent that had been advisedly eliminated. That was one of the best absorbing and saddest things that I begin in the video. I admiration if the accent of autography had backward added accordant if it would be easier for historians to acquisition advice about the culture, because they wouldn’t accept to do as abundant accent depiction.

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