Cowgirl Chocolates

Cowgirl Chocolates Case Study 1. What are some of the analytical strengths and weaknesses of Cowgirl Chocolates that actuate the success of this baby business? Can the weaknesses be affected by the strengths of the business? Some of the analytical strengths of Cowgirl Chocolates that actuate the success of this baby business accommodate artefact differentiation, quality, adjustable acknowledgment policy, and personalization. Cowgirl Chocolates is actual avant-garde conception back it meets the needs of a specific bazaar of ambrosial and amber admirers by accumulation both cayenne, a spice, and chocolate, a sweetener. The business additionally is accustomed for application exceptional capacity in all of the chocolates it offers. The business not alone offers a adjustable acknowledgment policy, which gives barter a abounding acquittance agreement if they end up afraid the ambrosial truffles but additionally facilitates balloon purchases for barter absorbed in the ambrosial chocolates. The aggregation additionally uses claimed addendum in the Web armpit orders in adjustment to body chump satisfaction. Some of the analytical weaknesses of Cowgirl Chocolates accommodate accepting a aerial assembly cost, not accepting a tailored mission account for this specific business, and defective focus. Cowgirl Chocolates has to pay a lot of money for the packaging, ingredients, and biking costs to accomplish the hot caramel ambrosia sauce. The business additionally is unfocused because of anemic distribution, there is no artefact analogue or bazaar research, and the ambition bazaar is appropriately broadcast due to not accepting a appropriately authentic chump base. Yes, the weaknesses can be affected by the strengths of the business if the business spends time absorption on the weaknesses listed in adjustment to body a added acknowledged baby business. 2. Application the absolute artefact view, call the “hot and ambrosial amber truffle” offered by Cowgirl Chocolates? Based on this artefact appearance do you anticipate this artefact will be readily accustomed by consumers? Why or why not? The “hot and ambrosial amber truffle” offered by Cowgirl Chocolates were offered in several flavors such as apparent chocolate, mint, orange, adhesive tequila, and espresso. The apparent chocolate, mint, and orange truffles were captivated in gold wrappers, the adhesive tequila truffles were captivated in blooming wrappers, and the espresso truffles were captivated in red wrappers in adjustment for the chump to admit that this truffle was added ambrosial and hot. Personally, I acquire the packaging of the truffles is not absolutely barefaced because red does denote article hot, while the alternative flavors wrappers don’t absolutely construe to actuality hot and spicy. The truffles were additionally accessible in allowance boxes, drawstring muslin bags, a collectible tin, and additionally in a artificial bag if the chump chose to acquirement the truffles on the Cowgirl Chocolates website. Personally, I do not acquire that consumers will readily acquire this artefact because the accepted bazaar of consumers will added than acceptable acquirement sweet, alabaster chocolates over hot and ambrosial chocolates. The acquirement of Cowgirl Chocolates absolutely depends on whether the chump cast the aftertaste rather than adorable packaging and altered experience. 3. What bazaar do you anticipate the “hot and ambrosial truffles” is aggressive in—the hot and ambrosial aliment market, the amber bonbon market, the allowance alcove market, or other? Personally, I acquire the “hot and ambrosial truffles” are aggressive in the amber bonbon bazaar because back one thinks of the name “Cowgirl Chocolates” the chat “chocolate” comes to apperception rather than hot and spicy. The hot and ambrosial aliment bazaar is acerb associated with spices, sauces, Mexican foods, and Spanish afflicted foods. Cowgirl Chocolates appropriately seems added acceptable to be acknowledged in the amber bonbon bazaar rather than the hot and ambrosial aliment bazaar due to the different packaging of the truffles, the cast name accustomed to the product, and the exceptional capacity and price. 4. What is your appraisal of Marilyn’s promotional efforts? In adjustment for Marilyn to access the auction of her chocolates, should she use a advance or cull advice strategy? Personally, I acquire that Marilyn has been actual able with her promotional efforts in adjustment to actualize chump demand. Through the use of her award-winning acceptance for packaging at assorted art shows, dvertising in her bounded newspaper, the Soviet Awards acceptance of her different and appetizing products, and attendance and captivation with Seattle Chocolates accept appropriately far helped accompany some acquaintance for her product. In adjustment for Marilyn to access the auction of her chocolates, she should use a cull advice action because the added publicity she is able to accretion for artefact and artistic packaging, the greater acquaintance she will appropriately be able to accretion for her business. 5. As you appraise Exhibit 2, you will agenda that Cowgirl Chocolates offers several allowance bales (1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 lb. allowance bucket, allowance basket, annihilation fancy) that ambit in adapted retail prices from $8. 95 to $59. 95. Accustomed these amount and packaging alternatives what blazon of artefact (convenience, shopping, or specialty) is Cowgirl Chocolates? Based on this allocation would the client accommodation added acceptable to be a routine, bound or circuitous decision? Explain your reasoning. Accustomed these amount and packaging alternatives I acquire Cowgirl Chocolates are specialty articles because they are added big-ticket and appropriately for the best allotment alone broadcast in either specialty food or allowance stores. By classifying Cowgirl Chocolates as specialty products, client accommodation would added acceptable be a bound accommodation because it requires putting admitting in the arcade action and accordingly the accommodation whether to acquirement or not acquirement the artefact the artefact takes abode in a abundance ambiance area the affectation of the articles is appropriately actual important to whether or not the chump will appropriately end up purchasing the product. 6. The adapted retail amount and broad prices of Cowgirl Chocolates articles are displayed in Exhibit 2 forth with the artefact and packaging costs. Based on this information, altercate the about claim of application a cost-based, demand-based, or antagonism based appraisement method. The about claim of application a cost-based, demand-based, or antagonism based appraisement adjustment accommodate acquainted the that the retail prices are appealing abundant bifold the broad price. Thus, the accumulated packaging costs and the alien amber accomplish these high-quality articles actual cher alike afore markups on the articles are fabricated at both the broad and retail level. Similarly, hen one compares the amount of for example, the bisected batter tin, that seems actual big-ticket back compared to a 24 backpack of Lindor Amber Truffles which costs $12. 00 a bag. 7. Construct a table consisting of the all-encompassing business mix strategies. Based on what you apperceive about Cowgirl Chocolates, what business mix plan would you acclaim to Marilyn and why? Based on what I apperceive about Cowgirl Chocolates, I would acclaim allowance purchases to Marilyn because allowance purchases are acerb afflicted by both situational and acting conditions, which appropriately acquiesce for abundant opportunities to acquirement Cowgirl Chocolates. Furthermore, these chocolates are actual adapted to accord to a macho chump because analysis shows that men like hot and ambrosial foods added so than women. Cowgirl Chocolates would additionally be a acceptable baby allowance to addition hosting a affair or a banquet back a lot of consumers attending about for a baby allowance in adjustment to say acknowledge you to the hostess.? 8. For a baby business like Cowgirl Chocolates, what allowances and/or abeyant problems does a website offer? For a baby business like Cowgirl Chocolates, a website offers both allowances and abeyant problems. The allowances accommodate accouterment Marilyn the befalling to body an online chump database and a database with barter who are appropriately echo customers. Another account includes the business Cowgirl Chocolates to accretion online acquaintance by actuality appearance on the adapted online portals like amber candies and different allowance products. The abeyant problems accommodate the achievability of sales accretion online and Marilyn appropriately charge amount out a way to administer the accretion appeal which ability accommodate accepting to pay added costs in both packaging and aircraft and added activity costs in adjustment to adapt the packages.

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