Preparing Your Reflection The BSN Essentials (AACN, 2008) outline a cardinal of healthcare action and advancement competencies for the BSN-prepared nurse. Reflect on the NUR3826 advance readings, altercation threads, and applications you accept completed beyond this advance and address a cogitating article apropos the admeasurement to which you feel you are now able to: 1. “Demonstrate the able standards of moral, ethical, and acknowledged conduct. 2. Assume accountability for claimed and able behaviors. 3. Promote the angel of nursing by clay the ethics and articulating the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the nursing profession. 4. Demonstrate professionalism, including absorption to appearance, demeanor, account for cocky and others, and absorption to able boundaries with patients and families as able-bodied as amid caregivers. 5. Demonstrate an acknowledgment of the history of and abreast issues in nursing and their appulse on accepted nursing practice. 6. Reflect on one’s own behavior and ethics as they chronicle to able practice. 7. Identify personal, professional, and ecology risks that appulse claimed and able choices, and behaviors. 8. Communicate to the healthcare aggregation one’s claimed bent on difficult healthcare decisions that appulse one’s adeptness to accommodate care. 9. Recognize the appulse of attitudes, values, and expectations on the affliction of the actual young, breakable earlier adults, and alternative accessible populations. 10. Protect accommodating aloofness and acquaintance of accommodating annal and alternative advantaged communications. 11. Access interprofessional and intra-professional assets to boldness ethical and alternative convenance dilemmas. 12. Act to anticipate unsafe, illegal, or bent affliction practices. 13. Articulate the amount of advancing convenance excellence, constant learning, and able assurance to advance able advance and development. 14. Recognize the accord amid claimed health, self-renewal, and the adeptness to bear abiding affection care.” (p. 28).

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