Course project Visual Journal

  This absolute activity aligns with Acquirements Outcomes 1–5. The Visual Journal Advance Activity is due in bore 8 and is annual 100  points. The activity is absolute in that it will highlight what you  learned from anniversary of the advance modules. Directions In the Greetings and Introduction Discussion Forum, you were alien to a website titled: Padlet (Links to an alien site.). You are activity to actualize your own chargeless Padlet (Links to an alien site.) annual and actualize your own “Padlet wall.” If you charge abetment with Padlet (Links to an alien site.), this folio will abetment you. While accommodating in anniversary module, you are to anticipate about what  you've abstruse or accept had able and how you are applying your  learning to your education, your career, or to your claimed life. You  may additionally be accretion your acquirements by award and account about some of  the capacity presented in the advance modules on your own. As you reflect aloft anniversary bore and how it has afflicted your acquirements  and claimed or able growth, acquisition an absorbing article,  cartoon, articulation to a video or audio file, account story, editorial, photo, or  some alternative blazon of antiquity that you begin to be interesting, relevant,  and adumbrative of the bore topics. Column your antiquity and blazon in  why you included the antiquity and why you begin it to be absorbing or  important to your learning. Locate and column on your Padlet bank a minimum of 2 artifacts per module.  Most acceptance will be announcement added than 4 artifacts per bore as they  think about the capacity and codify questions that animate searching,  researching, reading, and responding. Suggestion for Creating a Padlet Wall Go to (Links to an alien site.) and assurance in.   Select “Make a Padlet.” This will booty you to the Padlet wall.   On the top appropriate of the screen, baddest the caster figure to adapt the  Padlet. The basal advice can again be typed into the appellation and  description. It is recommended that you use your name at a minimum. You  may add wallpaper, change the layout, and use hidden articulation beneath privacy.   Select abode to see the accepted abode of your wall. You can accumulate  this abode or you can change it; if you change it you ability use  MAN2021 + your aftermost name.   Once your bank is complete and accessible for acquiescence you can archetype the abode and adhesive it into the Website URL box in Canvas.  

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