Course Project: Part III

  You accept been alive on an alignment (Walmart) for your advance activity and should accept done ample analysis to complete the aboriginal two genitalia of the activity (Part 1 and Allotment 2 is ATTACHED). Continue to use the aggregation you called to complete this allotment of the advance project. You will allegation to baddest one host country area the aggregation operates to analyze with the home country. Prepare a address on the afterward topics: Evaluate three areas of abeyant assortment amid the home country and host country. What is the company’s action on diversity? As the leader, advance a plan for managing the areas of diversity. You are in allegation of arch a multicultural basic aggregation of advisers in the home and host country. Assess aggregation conflict, collaboration, and assurance in multicultural basic team. How will you administer the issues and empower your team? Compare and adverse the role of women in administration positions in the home and host countries of the alignment selected. Using the lectures, assigned reading, and research, assemble a abrupt plan of how you would conduct training to adapt a administrator in the home country for his or her new appointment in the host country. Analyze the situations in which the alignment can capitalize on synergy in the workplace. Select one of the bristles cross-cultural administration strategies from the Week 5 lectures. Apply the action to your organization, answer why you called the strategy. Submission Details: Submit your cardboard as a  5 folio Microsoft Word document, application APA style.

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