Course Project: Part I- 4 page Paper

  For the activity of this course, you will baddest any one of the afterward companies and assay how leaders of your called aggregation handled assorted all-embracing issues and challenges. Apple Coca-Cola Ikea Microsoft Nestle Nike Starbucks Uber Unilever Volkswagen Walmart Week 1: Globalization and All-embracing Leadership In this assignment, you will assay how globalization of businesses has accustomed acceleration to several new challenges that leaders charge abode back accomplishing business in the all-around arena. An authoritative leader's ambition should be to accomplish able-bodied above what was accepted on the base of the alternative authoritative inputs available.  This aphorism applies to leaders in calm companies as able-bodied as bunch companies (MNCs).  There are abounding advantages of all-embracing operations.  Perhaps the greatest advantage is that firms can accretion new barter for their articles and services, which increases revenues.  Alternative advantages are that costs and risks can be advance over a advanced cardinal of markets—diversification helps to abate risks.  While beyond markets action the advantage of economies of scale, MNCs can additionally authorize bargain assembly accessories abreast raw abstracts or bargain labor. Considering this basal compassionate of the cardinal initiatives accessible to all-embracing leaders, abode the following: 1. Analysis the aggregation called and accommodate a abrupt overview of the company.  Include above countries area the aggregation does business and primary articles or services. 2. Application research, assay why globalization of industries is accepted today.  Discuss why some industries are added "global" than others and accommodate advice about the akin of globalization for the aggregation you selected. 3. Evaluate how burning patterns are acceptable agnate worldwide.  What are the cardinal implications of this trend for your called company?  What do the leaders of the aggregation do to codify and apparatus a acknowledgment to the trend? 4. Assess the issues that all-embracing leaders of your called aggregation charge abode back accomplishing business away (e.g., advantages and disadvantages). Submission Details: Submit your cardboard as a 4 folio Microsoft Word document, application APA style.  

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