Course Project – Information Systems

   This activity aims at evaluating your compassionate of the Management Advice Systems, the assorted capacity covered in the course, and your compassionate of the role information systems comedy in organizations. The activity serves as an addition to leveraging information systems and technology to break problems, reengineer processes, and/or innovate. You are tasked to: 1. Identify a botheration which can be apparent through the use of advice systems, or 2. Identify an befalling which can be taken affliction of through the use of information systems, or 3. Identify an addition which acquaint a new way of accomplishing “something” This can be at a able akin (work) or a claimed akin (daily life). Examples: · Botheration analytic chiral addition tracking aberration and abridgement of information. Information Systems accoutrement are acclimated to reengineer the tracking processes to be automated and chip with the aircraft vendor · Botheration solving: acquiescence with HIPAA for a dentist office. Advice arrangement tools are able to ensure that the arrangement is defended and reliable, the procedures are in line with HIPAA requirements, and the bodies are trained. · Innovation: Using IoT to adviser the temperature of seafood commitment in trucks. The seafood bell-ringer is able to enhance the account by ensuring bloom of the seafood from source to destination Requirements Use the afterward outline as a guideline for the requirements: · Botheration account (can be befalling or addition statement) · Solution o How the band-aid addresses the problem/opportunity/innovation o How the Advice Systems apparatus are covered in the solution: § Hardware § Software § Data § Network § Procedures § People - The amount which the band-aid presented accompany to the alignment (or to you if this is a project about article in your circadian life) Deliverables · PowerPoint (or addition presentation tool) presentation accoutrement all of the requirements above · Apostle addendum anecdotic anniversary of the slides (short and summarized) · References · Acrobat PDF or PowerPoint architecture (make abiding that the apostle nots are included)

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