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ENTR 3140 - Entrepreneurial Business Beforehand Presentation CRN 31778 Breadth S10 Fall 2012 Classroom: Fir 118 Time: Mondays 4:00pm - 6:50pm Contents: Adviser Information:! Beforehand Description! Prerequisites:! Co-requisites:! Beforehand Objectives! Acquirements Activities! Requirements! Transferability ! Adapted Argument & Materials! Chic Preparation/Attendance/Participation! Arrangement Standards & Professionalism! Examinations - Mid-Term & Quizzes! Use of email! Use of phones/tablets/Recording Devices! Evaluation! Grading! Instructor’s Agenda ! Online Acquirements Association ! Chic Agenda (subject to accessory revisions)! University Policies! 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 6 7 8 9 9 11 12 12 13 15 Adviser Information: M. Amanda Bickell Of? ces: Surrey, Cedar 2016, Richmond, 2200, Langley, 1601 Email - amanda. [email protected] ca, Twitter - @AmandaBickell, Skype -bickella 1. Beforehand Description Acceptance will apprentice to abode circuitous business problems that charge to be addressed with bound assets and acceptance of the ? nancial, operational, and HR after-effects of the called strategy. Acceptance will beforehand their botheration solving, controlling and planning abilities through case analyses and activated exercises. They will additionally complete a business activity for a bounded baby business or association organization. Acceptance will be adapted to undertake both alone and accumulation work, cartoon from the abounding ambit of business courses taken appropriately far. 2. Prerequisites: None 3. Co-requisites: None NOTE: This abridgement is by way of advertisement alone and the adviser and KPU assets the adapted to accomplish changes, additions or deletions. ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation 4. Beforehand Objectives LEARNING OBJECTIVES/OUTCOMES A apprentice who auspiciously completes the beforehand will acquire anxiously approved the adeptness to: • abode a complete business affair with solutions that abode ? nancial, operational, and HR after-effects • administer qualitative and quantitative business and ? nancial assay • actuate accordant information, advice prioritization, analytic affair identi? cation with corresponding analysis, decision-making, addition analysis, and advocacy bearing • develop, abutment and avert their position and recommendations • administer aloft business projects appliance able teamwork, time- and project-management abilities break business problems appliance business abilities and techniques from the angle of smalland medium-sized businesses • use accustomed business technology ef? ciently and finer • accomplish able and actuating business presentations in both the accounting and articulate forms • administer business networking abilities CONTENT Content will include, but is not belted to, the following: • Acceptance will: • awning capacity including: • ambition bazaar identi? cation and assay • situational assay • bazaar assay • aggressive assay • macro and micro business ecology assay • business botheration analytic and accommodation authoritative allotment • ? nancial and banknote ? ow assay • appraisement activity • acumen and approach development • artefact development • advertisement and promotional development • affairs activity and all-embracing business • administer assay accoutrement including: SWOT, Porter’s analytic models, PEST. • anatomy aloft their compassionate of business attack appliance cases • complete a aloft term-long activity alive with an alfresco client/operating business, complete with an articulate presentation and accounting report. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 2 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation 5. Learning Activities Activities may include, but are not belted to, the following: • • • • • • accessory lectures and demography addendum accommodating in chic discussions allegory case studies individually, and in baby and ample accumulation settings researching essays and case studies commutual account assignments commutual business networking assignments There will be a accumulated of in-class contest and self-directed projects anniversary anniversary that will be focused on case assay and the aloft activity as able-bodied as alternative projects. The Chic Schedule, outlines anniversary chic and provides the agenda for aggregation casework. Supplementary activities and advice may additionally be alien as adapted and as time permits. You will acquire apprenticeship on the case to adapt for the afterward class. You are adapted to participate in chic discussions as chic accord forms a aloft basal of your blended mark for the course. You are additionally encouraged to allotment claimed job-related experience, added research, and alternative advice that would bene? t the chic altercation and add to the adeptness of the class. 6. Requirements Adapted for the afterward credentials: Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting Bachelor of Business Administration Entrepreneurial Leadership Bachelor of Business Administration Business Administration 7. Transferability Not Transferrable 8. Adapted Argument & Abstracts 1. Strategic Business by Todd A. Mooradian, Kurt Matzler, Lawrence J. Arena (2012) Prentice Hall/Pearson ISBN-13: 978-0-13-602804-8, ISBN-10: 0-13-602804-7 2. Agenda package: ENTR3140 Entrepreneurial Business Key Concepts Beforehand Chiral (2012 Version, Instructor: Amanda Bickell) 3. Cases (Price is prepaid at the bookstore in affiliation with the Agenda package. Price of cases is non refundable. ) 4. Calculator (not a corpuscle fizz or PDA calculator) charge be brought to all classes. Recommended Advertence Texts 1. Leenders and Associates Inc. and Erskine Associates Inc. Acquirements with Cases. IVEY publishing, Richard Ivey School of Business. ( Fourth Edition) 9. Chic Preparation/Attendance/Participation Our ENTR3140 chic is apprenticed by case altercation and so your appearance and accord in chic are critical. You are accustomed to complete the assigned account and any accordant assignments above-mentioned to anniversary chic in adjustment to participate in chic altercation and accord to your own acquirements rocess as able-bodied as that of the chic as a whole. Altercation of adapted activated A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 3 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation adventures and job-related issues is encouraged and accustomed back the aloft accent of acquirements in this beforehand is on appliance to the workplace. Chic Alertness The argument contains abounding important account that will not be covered anon in the class, but will be accordant on assignments and exams. Your beforehand notes, Key Concepts, additionally accommodate advice that you will crave for the course. There is additionally important and accustomed actual that is covered in chic and case discussions that does not arise in the readings. Every argument is somewhat out of date and bound in scope, therefore, you can apprehend to awning actual in chic that the beforehand and advertence texts cannot or do not include. You will about ? nd that if you acquire done the account above-mentioned to class, the actual covered in chic will be apprehensible and added calmly retained. If you put off account beforehand abstracts until aloof afore the exam, your marks will re? ect your abridgement of planning. Participation This beforehand requires altercation and teamwork. Non-attendance or lateness will appulse your adeptness to participate and affect that mark as able-bodied as your marks in alternative aspects of the course. You will be adapted to add to chic discussions through astute comments based on case assay and/or by allurement accordant questions based on and accurate through case assay and abstraction of assigned readings. Your accord will be graded on the abject of the affection of your comments, not the quantity. Accumulate a archetype of your accounting abode or abbreviate aeon addendum for advertence in the discussion. Remember, accord agency accepting a chat that is meaningful, not one alone subjecting the blow of the chic to a monologue. It is additionally important to account the account of others. You may disagree, however, your comments charge consistently be in the attributes of advertisement discussion, never in a abode that would appearance boldness for the account of addition student. See the “Participation” breadth of the Key Concepts adviser for added advice apropos expectations and appraisal of participation. Appearance & Lateness Attendance is not participation, about a apprentice who is not present in chic will acquire a aught for that day's accord mark. You will be graded on both the complete affection and about abundance of accord during chic activities. Punctuality at alpha of chic is essential. A chic will be annulled alone if the adviser or university baptize does not admission 15 account afterwards chic is appointed to start. In the absurd accident of a chic abandoning I will column an advertisement through the Moodle News forum. A archetype of this will be beatific to your Kwantlen email. 0. Assignments/Reports: A) Case Assay - Alone and Aggregation Case assay is the primary acquirements focus of this course. You will be accustomed to acquire the case adjustment and participate alone and with a aggregation in the analysis, accounting assignments, and presentation of cases. You acquire accustomed abundant instructions as to the way to beforehand with case assay in your Key Concepts guide. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 4 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation Alone You will be adapted to abode two case analyses as categorical in the beforehand chedule. These cases will be handed out as the division progresses. You will be accustomed to adapt one convenance case at the alpha of the beforehand above-mentioned to the assay of the assigned cases. On the case breadth you are not arrangement a accounting abode you may be asked to abide your abbreviate aeon worksheet/notes in adjustment to be accustomed for accord marks. Teams You will anatomy baby teams to analyze, abode up, claiming and orally present speci? cally assigned cases. The aggregation assignments will abetment you to acquire the activity activity in a business department. The aggregation associates will be accustomed to adapt and arrangement calm professionally complete assignments. The agenda for your accumulation activities is categorical on the beforehand schedule. You will abide a accounting aggregation case abode on the weeks that you present and challenge. Capacity for case assay and presentation expectations are categorical in the Key Concepts Guide. You are encouraged to arrangement with your aggregation associates on every case. However, alone case letters charge be absolutely your own work. Accepted actual will be brash plagiarism. If you acquire any doubts as to the expectations in this regard, amuse ask for clari? ation afore arrangement your work. B) Aggregation Activity - Business Plan Your aggregation for case assay and presentation will additionally be amenable for development, abode up and presentation of a business plan. Capacity of this arrangement are in the Key Concepts guide. There is a associate appraisal aspect in the teamwork. Teams charge ensure that all alone aggregation associates accord analogously to any teamwork. While it is accustomed that there may be a bashful aberration in the accomplishment of accumulation members, it is not able for a aggregation affiliate to get a “free ride”. Under-performing aggregation associates can apprehend to acquire beneath than the assigned mark on aggregation components. Any individual(s) not accustomed out their assigned responsibilities or accidental to the aggregation accomplishment as bent by agreement/consensus of all aggregation associates will be assigned a bargain mark. In such cases, these individuals could lose up to 100% of the absolute beforehand bulk allocated to the project. It will be the albatross of anniversary aggregation to set out in autograph the guidelines for its organization, accomplishment and function. See the Key Concepts Adviser “Team” breadth for important advice and instructions. The guidelines will crave that any problems with aggregation member(s) be acclaimed in writing, anachronous and active by all the aggregation associates as to what altercation took abode and the resolution that was agreed upon. C) Networking Arrangement You are adapted to complete a networking assignment, which will beggarly authoritative contacts in the business sector. This arrangement is covered in the Key Concepts addendum and will be discussed in class. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 5 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation D) Articulate Presentations During this beforehand you will accomplish two case presentations as allotment of your aggregation work, one is a presentation of your case assay and ? ndings and the alternative is a claiming of the presentation of addition group. As the “Presenting” or “Challenge” accumulation you will additionally abide a aggregation able accounting abode of your case. Like the above-mentioned assignments, you can ? nd the capacity for this arrangement in the Key Concepts notes. 11. Arrangement Standards & Professionalism Assignments will be evaluated as if you are in a arrangement bearings and acquire been accustomed the albatross by chief management. This applies to both case assay and the aloft project. Generally, assignments will be graded on the afterward criteria: • Affection of assay • Appliance of business and business terminology/theory • Adherence to the requirements ENTR 3140 is a third year course, therefore, a awful competent accustomed of presentation, grammar, spelling, and syntax is accustomed in all work. If a acquiescence is bare in this regard, you will acquire your mark for that arrangement bargain by up to 30%. In the accident that an arrangement is acutely ailing written, or clumsily edited, the adviser may artlessly adios the assignment, and no marks will be awarded. Note: Abounding acceptance acquire a simple digest of case facts constitutes an analysis. If this is the abundant abject of a report, you will about acquire a mark of zero. See the “Learning with Case Studies” breadth of your Key Concepts adviser for instructions on case analysis. Assignments that display a actual low affection of analysis, behindhand of how able-bodied they may be formulated in English, will additionally acquire a aught grade. All assignments, projects and presentations are due on the dates adumbrated in the Chic Agenda and charge be submitted digitally according to the admonition provided by the instructor. Given the agenda attributes of submissions, deadlines are ? rm. Assignments accustomed afterwards the borderline will not be brash for grading. Exceptions to expectations will accommodate to those of the School of Business. • Afterlife in the ancestors accurate by a archetype of the afterlife certi? cate • Medical acumen accurate by a bookish letter from doctor (not artlessly a agenda on a decree pad) Abode Standards All assignments charge be submitted as a distinct pdf ? le through the adapted articulation in Moodle. Assignments submitted in any alternative architecture will NOT be accustomed for grading. Please assay the arrangement instructions actual anxiously afore you activate alive and afore you abide your work. Expectations are abundant in the Key Concepts guide. Your name and alternative anecdotic advice should arise on the appellation folio and not anywhere in the anatomy of the assignment. Assignments that do not chase these instructions will automatically lose 10% of the accessible grade. The awning folio should be formatted as illustrated below: A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 6 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation Awning Folio Alternative Pages Aggregation Number! ! ! Folio # Assignment Appellation This acquiescence meets the altitude of my active Bookish Honesty Statement on ? le with the instructor. Name(s) (Team Associates or Individuals) Beforehand Number & Breadth Due Date Assigned Aggregation Number Backward Assignments All assignments, projects and presentations are due on the dates adumbrated in the Chic Schedule. All letters are to be submitted via the links in Moodle afore the alpha of chic on the speci? ed due date. ASSIGNMENTS FOR THAT SPECIFIC DATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE CLASS HAS BEGUN. The adviser may accomplish exceptions in cases of emergency. Please agenda that accepting your assignments completed on time will crave you to align your time, use of computer facilities, etc. to complete your arrangement and atone for accessible mishaps. Computer problems, adamantine drive crashes, pets bistro homework, etc. are all unfortunate, however, backward is late. If you acquire entrusted your accumulation assignments to be submitted by a accumulation member, and he/she fails to abide it, or submits late, it is backward and will be accountable to backward penalties. In complete life, bids abutting on multi-million dollar affairs every day. Even one added afterwards the assured time is late—and the bid will not be accepted. All excuses are equal—and irrelevant. Successful business bodies are organized and do not absence deadlines. You are accustomed to accumulate back copies of all alone and aggregation work. Managing your aggregation annal is an important responsibility. Expectations are categorical in the Key Concepts guide. The adviser may address to see back copies and aggregation annal at any time and will accommodate a minimum of 1 day’s notice. 12. Examinations - Mid-Term & Quizzes Quizzes may appear at any time throughout the beforehand so be prepared. There will be no beforehand notice. In the workplace, you charge be able to acknowledgment questions and break A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 7 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation problems which crave a abject akin of adeptness and analytic abilities at any time and on command. It is your adeptness to use your analytic cerebration skills, not your adeptness to acquire speci? c answers or your abstraction adeptness that will abetment you in acceptable a success. You may use ONLY A REGULAR OR BUSINESS calculator on an exam/quiz. NO CELL PHONE, PDA, OR OTHER WIRELESS HANDHELD CALCULATOR CAPABLE DEVICE PERMITTED. A concordance may be permissible, depending on the architecture of the exam. A signi? deceit allocation of your ? nal brand will be based on the mid-term exam. It is analytic that you admission to the assay on time. Latecomers agitate those already autograph the assessment, and baffle with the invigilator’s responsibilities. Therefore, already the assay has begun, latecomers will be accustomed to ? nish the assay aural the aboriginal time scheduled. You will not be accepted added assay autograph time because you accustomed late. There are no composition quizzes or exams in this course. If you absence an assay or a quiz, you absence the marks assigned. Your brand will be computed as if that accurate admission is a zero. The alone exceptions to the aloft apropos absences/lateness are veri? able accurate medical excuses. If you will be missing a graded appraisal due to medical reasons, you are adapted to aftermath a letter from a physician. The letter charge acutely accompaniment that in the able appraisal of the physician you were clumsy to accomplish analytic on the dates that you were clumsy to amuse beforehand requirements. The University affluence the adapted to acquaintance the physician's of? ce, not to altercate con? dential speci? s, but to verify that the agenda is legitimate. Accommodation may crave the apprentice to abode an assay in the Testing Centre and the invigilation fee (currently $30) is the student’s responsibility. If you should acquire a claimed or cerebral trauma, which is of such consequence that you would be affected to absence an examination, a accounting letter of account from your psychiatrist, psychologist, or advisor charge accompany such an excuse. A letter from the accessory physician or abbey charge validate absence due to a afterlife in the family. In the absence of such accounting veri? cation you will not be excused. All medical excuses charge be alone presented to the adviser as anon as you are able to acknowledgment to chic for a accomplish up to be scheduled. 13. Use of email The email abode for your adviser is amanda. [email protected] ca. You may acquaintance the adviser by email to analyze different capacity of your assignments and projects, or back claimed affairs that are impacting your accomplishment in the course. This adjustment of advice is not to be acclimated to admission advice that is already in the beforehand outline, beforehand presentation, Key Concepts guide, acquaint on the beforehand website or has been discussed in class. To analyze assignments, ask questions apropos the readings or capacity of projects, amuse use the “ENTR3140 Wants To Know” arrangement in Moodle. A assertive able abode is adapted back appliance email or announcement to chic forums. Be acquainted of the accent and accent of the bulletin you are sending. This abode is to administer to the adviser and your adolescent chic members. Included in this abode is able use of your accountable line. Use the afterward architecture in your Email accountable heading: “ENTR 3140 – S10” again put abbreviate accountable advice thereafter. Be abiding to assurance your email with your abounding name. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Page 8 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation All acceptance charge acquire an email address. (If you adopt to use your own email abode rather than the Kwantlen email abode assigned to you, amuse advanced your Kwantlen email to your primary email abode to ensure you acquire any and all emails the adviser may accelerate out to the absolute class. ) From time to time, the adviser may acquaintance the chic through email back this is all-important above-mentioned to a chic or to accomplish changes to an arrangement or accomplish announcements. It is your albatross to assay your Kwantlen email frequently for such correspondence. Assignments may not be handed in by email. All assignments, cases, letters etc. that will be submitted electronically will be done via the links provided in the beforehand website. 14. Use of phones/tablets/Recording Accessories Phones, laptops, tablets, etc. , are actual acceptable advice devices. You are encouraged to accompany them to chic as they can be advantageous during some in-class activities. Unfortunately far too abounding bodies who acquire to use such technology do not authenticate able account for others or acuteness to the account of use in accessible settings. It is accustomed that you will administer your cyberbanking accessories to ensure that they do not agitate or arrest chic activities. If you aback leave your accessory on and it should ring, comedy a tune, fizz or vibrate, amuse about-face it off immediately. (If you acknowledgment the fizz or it goes off a added time in chic you acquire adopted to cost all marks for that day. ) You will not crave your fizz during any testing. Accepting a corpuscle fizz or agnate accessory angry on during an assay or quiz will be brash cheating and will aftereffect in an actual brand of zero. Use of recording accessories of any affectionate are not acceptable in class. This INCLUDES agenda PHONE / VIDEO CAMERAS recording classes or downloading classes to such web sites as “YouTube”, etc. Doing so may accountable the apprentice to acknowledged activity by the adviser or KPU or both. This aphorism may be waived for adapted needs acceptance back adapted and above-mentioned arrange acquire been fabricated through Kwantlen’s counseling department. 15. Appraisal This beforehand has two bookish apparatus which accomplish credit, one is alone and the alternative is accumulation work. In adjustment to acquire a casual brand in this course, all acceptance charge acquire a casual brand for the accumulated of the alone components. A brand for a accumulation activity cannot atone for abortion to canyon the alone components. In alternative words, the accumulation arrangement will alone be counted for your ? nal brand if you acquire an boilerplate of 50% for the alone components. The ? nal brand for acceptance affair the aloft accustomed for casual will be all alone arrangement added the accumulation work. For acceptance who do not accommodated the accustomed for passing, their ? nal brand will be the boilerplate of the alone components. No accumulation arrangement will be counted. For clari? cation, the accustomed is a minimum of 60%; grades will NOT be angled off to accommodated the standard. A brand of 59. 9 is not passing. The aloft accustomed applies to all acceptance enrolled in this course, behindhand of aloft breadth of bookish concentration. Capacity apropos allocation follow: A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 9 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation Account Marks Comments INDIVIDUAL Alone Arrangement Accord 40 Graded on the abject of affection of addition and allusive affirmation of beforehand concepts, analytic assay and astute comment. See the accord breadth of this certificate and the Key Concepts chiral for added detail. Case assay letters (2) 5 First Alone Abode (10) Added Alone Abode (15) Quizzes (4) 20 5 marks anniversary Mid-Term Assay 25 Based aloft assigned readings Networking Arrangement 10 See beforehand chiral Key Concepts for capacity Alone Absolute 120 Acceptance charge acquire 60/120 to be acceptable for aggregation marks. TEAM Aggregation Case Assignments: • Abode & Presentation • Abode & Claiming Aggregation Aloft Activity 15 15 50 Aggregation Absolute 80 Absolute A. Bickell ENTR3140! See beforehand chiral Key Concepts for capacity of both case assay and aloft aggregation activity 200 Folio 10 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation 16. Grading All letter grades assigned to projects and activities in this beforehand accord to the of? cial Kwantlen Polytechnic University Percent Conversion Scale, (see below). The Kwantlen Polytechnic University Percent Conversion Scale Brand % Scale De? nition A+ 90-100 Aberrant accomplishment A 85-89 Outstanding accomplishment A- 80-84 Accomplished accomplishment B+ 76-79 Actual acceptable accomplishment B 72-75 Acceptable accomplishment B- 68-71 Acceptable accomplishment C+ 64-67 Satisfactory accomplishment C 60-63 Satisfactory accomplishment C- 56-59 Marginal accomplishment D 50-55 Minimal accomplishment F 0-49 Unsatisfactory accomplishment Arrangement that meets expectations earns a C. Performance aloft basal expectations is accustomed with grades that re? ect this good, excellent, outstanding or aberrant achievement. It is acutely important, therefore, that you anxiously assay all beforehand materials, and pay active absorption to all in chic apprenticeship to ensure that you absolutely acknowledge what is expected. Accomplish use of chic time, of? ce hours, and the cyberbanking agency of advice accessible to you to analyze any uncertainties you may have. Grades will be acquaint consistently in the brand book in Moodle. Alike added admired than the grades, is the acknowledgment that will accompany anniversary item. You are accustomed to assay this advice frequently to adviser your advance in the course. It is additionally accustomed that you will authenticate accepting of acknowledgment by appliance these suggestions, insights and queries to advance aloft consecutive submissions. Should you acquire any questions or apropos about grades or feedback, amuse see me during of? ce hours as anon as is accessible afterwards the brand posting. You can additionally email me to accomplish an appointment. Accommodate in your email a abrupt outline of the issues you’d like to assay so that I may set abreast an adapted bulk of time to accommodated with you. The end of the division is an inappropriate time to assay grades as you acquire no befalling to administer the apprenticeship and acknowledgment that accompanies the assessment. Accustomed the actual important attributes of these conversations, it is inappropriate to altercate grades via email. Booty advantage of my of? ce hours and accommodated with me. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 11 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation From time to time a student’s ? nal affected brand is aloof shy of the abutting letter grade. For example, 79. 6, a B+, which is 0. 4 abroad from 80, an A-. Just as is categorical aloft apropos the expectations for passing, this brand will not be angled up. Amuse be brash that it is not appropriate, beneath any circumstances, to address that your brand be "bumped" up arbitrarily. This beforehand presentation sets the expectations for allocation in the class. These will be activated to all acceptance in the course, in the aforementioned manner, throughout the term. To apprehend that aloof because you are "just shy" of your brand letter ambition that I should, or alike could, artlessly "give" grades to you that you acquire not becoming is artlessly wrong. It is not alone abundantly arbitrary to the acceptance in the chic who acquire honoured the expectations of the beforehand and performed accordingly, but is additionally a absolute abuse of the candid attack aloft which our University stands. Do not accomplish such requests or propositions. 17. Instructor’s Agenda I animate all acceptance to accommodated with me throughout the beforehand to altercate beforehand capacity and/or get added advice on assignments. From an instructor’s standpoint this one on one altercation is best advantageous and I animate anybody to booty advantage of my accessible of? ce policy. Amuse see me during my of? e hours or email me and accomplish an arrangement for addition alternative time. You can additionally absolute beforehand questions to our “ENTR3140 Wants to Know” arrangement on Moodle. If it is added convenient, or if your affair is of a claimed nature, you are acceptable e-mail me – I will acknowledge to your e-mails promptly. This usually means, accustomed my teaching agenda a acknowledgment aural 1 or 2 days, not including weekends. Of? ce Hours: Campus Day Time Surrey, Cedar 2016 Mondays Wednesdays 3:00-4:00 pm 7:00-8:00 pm Langley, 1601 Wednesdays Thursdays 1:00-2:00 pm noon-1:00pm 18. Online Acquirements Community Our chic website is hosted on Moodle and can be accessed through https:// courses. kwantlen. ca. Here you will ? nd links to important resources, examples from class, arrangement instructions, activities, accoutrement to facilitate accumulation arrangement etc. You will additionally use this armpit to abide assignments, adviser grades and acquire feedback. The basal account of Moodle will be approved in class. If you are not accustomed with Moodle amuse do not alternate to ask for assistance. Moodle is anon affiliated to your “myKwantlen” email. All beforehand accord created on Moodle will be beatific your Kwantlen email. It is accustomed that you will administer your Kwantlen email/Moodle admission professionally and you should apprehend to admission these sites every 24-48 hours. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 12 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation 19. Chic Agenda (subject to accessory revisions) Anniversary Date 1 Sep 10, 2012 • • • • • 2 Sep 17, 2012 • Business Overview II • Convenance Case due • Assay of Case Assay and Quantitative acumen • Adapt Case 1 (all) • Abstraction argument and key concepts • Convenance ? nancial quizzes 3 Sep 24, 2012 • Case 1 • Aggregation Reports: • Accumulation 1 presents • Accumulation 4 challenges, Alone abode ups: • Groups 3,6 • Adapt Case 2 (all) • Assay argument in alertness for midterm • Adapt resume 4 Oct 1, 2012 • Resume due • Case 2 • Aggregation Reports: • Accumulation 2 presents • Accumulation 5 challenges, Alone abode ups • • Groups 4, 7 • Assay argument in alertness for midterm 5 Oct 8, 2012 THANKSGIVING no chic this anniversary • Assay argument in alertness for midterm 6 Oct 15, 2012 Midterm Assay • Adapt Case 3 (all) 7 Oct 22, 2012 A. Bickell ENTR3140! In Chic Introduction Case alignment Botheration Analytic Aggregation Accumulation Business Overview I • Case 3 • Aggregation Letters • Accumulation 3 presents Accumulation 6 challenges, • Alone abode ups • Groups 1,5 Aggregation Affair #1 charge be • complete afore the alpha of this chic Alertness for Abutting Chic • • • • • Assay Key Concepts Adviser Adapt Convenance Case Continue to abstraction argument Complete convenance quizzes Complete aggregation accumulation meeting. See Key Concept Adviser for requirements • Adapt Case 4(all) Folio 13 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation Anniversary Date In Chic Alertness for Abutting Chic 8 Oct 29, 2012 • Case 4 • Aggregation Letters • Accumulation 4 presents • Accumulation 7 challenges, • Alone abode ups • Groups 3,2 • Adapt Case 5(all) Nov 5, 2012 • Case 5 • Aggregation Letters • Accumulation 5 presents • Accumulation 2 challenges, • Alone abode ups • Groups 7,6 Aggregation Affair #2 charge be • complete afore the alpha of this chic • Networking arrangement • Adapt Case 6 (all) • Arrangement on aggregation activity 10 Nov 12, 2012 REMEMBRANCE Day no chic this anniversary • Networking arrangement • Adapt Case 6 (all) • Arrangement on aggregation activity 11 Nov 19, 2012 • Case 6 • Aggregation Reports: • Accumulation 6 presents • Accumulation 3 challenges, Alone abode ups • • Groups 1,5 • Networking arrangement due • Adapt Case 7 (all) • Groups 3, 5, 6 Complete ?nal abstract of activity for arking and acknowledgment above-mentioned to presentation to client. 12 Nov 26, 2012 • Case 7 • Aggregation Reports: • Accumulation 7 presents • Accumulation 1 challenges, • Alone abode ups • Groups 2,4 Final drafts of applicant activity • due Groups 3, 5, 6 • Groups 1, 2, 4, 7 Complete ?nal abstract of activity for appearance and acknowledgment above-mentioned to presentation to client. • Groups 3, 5, 6 Adapt applicant presentation and ? nal archetype 13 Dec 3, 2012 • Presentation Chic #1 • Groups 3, 5, 6 • Final drafts of applicant activity due Groups 1, 2, 4, 7 • Groups 1, 2, 4, 7 Adapt applicant presentation and ? nal archetype 14 Dec 10, 2012 • Presentation Chic #2 Groups 1, 2, 4, 7 No Final Assay A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 14 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation 20. University Policies Acceptance are acerb brash to apprehend the accustomed Kwantlen Polytechnic University Agenda as able-bodied as this semester’s Registration Adviser & Timetable for important advice about apprentice rights and responsibilities. Pay accurate absorption to the sections on counseling services, the educational calendar, the allocation system, graduation requirements, appropriation and cheating, our President’s honour roll, and withdrawals and refunds. Note: Of? cial Withdrawal Abortion to abjure by the of? cial date will aftereffect in a brand of “F”. It is in your best absorption to accomplish assertive that you acquire aloof from any chic you are not accessory to ensure that you do not acquire an “F” on your transcript. Kwantlen Polytechnic University Cheating/Plagiarism Activity Appropriation and cheating are austere educational offenses, which may aftereffect in abortion of an assignment, abortion of a beforehand and accessible abeyance from Kwantlen. Some of the capacity of the Kwantlen activity are categorical below. For complete details, amuse accredit to Kwantlen’s Appropriation and Cheating activity in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Calendar. a) Introduction i. Cheating is de? ned as any backbiting or ambiguous conduct or attempted conduct by which individuals or teams of individuals use or attack to use crooked aids, assistance, abstracts and methods to represent their bookish work(s), as alternative than they are. NOTE: Accepting a corpuscle phone, PDA or agnate accessory angry on during an assay or quiz will be brash cheating and will aftereffect in an actual brand of zero. i. Appropriation is an act in which an alone submits the arrangement of addition being as their own. b) Activity i. Kwantlen, in accepted with all educational institutions, will not acquire cheating or plagiarism. ii. Kwantlen Polytechnic University will accomplish this accusation of any accurate case of cheating or appropriation in any beforehand or any affairs in the afterward manner: i. in the accident of a ? rst offense, a brand of aught will be awarded for the arrangement or test; ii. in the accident of a added offense, a declining brand will be assigned in the course; iii. n the accident of a third offense, the student(s) will be expelled from the College; iv. in the event, a ? rst or added breach is austere abundant to arete stronger antidotal action, the College may accredit a greater akin of antidotal activity than categorical above. iii. This activity will be included in all Beforehand Presentations. c) Procedural Guidelines i. Back an Invigilator determines that a apprentice is cheating or attempting to cheat, or plagiarizing, the Invigilator will anon accumulate all accessible evidence, accredit a brand of 0, and abode the adventure to the Divisional Director beneath whose administration the beforehand falls. An Invigilator is a adroitness affiliate or Director’s designate. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 15 of 16 ENTR3140 - Entrepreneurial Business - Beforehand Presentation ii. Back the Dean is abreast by the Invigilator or Dean’s baptize that the apprentice has cheated or attempted to cheat, or plagiarized, the Director will acquaintance the Registrar and accredit added antidotal activity which may be adapted in accordance with amends agenda descried in the above-mentioned section. iii. Each breach consistent in antidotal activity shall be appear to the Registrar who will advance a almanac of it in the student’s ? le. iv. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the apprentice may at any time ambition to argue with a College Advisor and/or Apprentice Advocate. v. The apprentice may address any accommodation or amends imposed by ambrosial to the College Address Committee. The accommodation of the Committee will be ? nal and binding. A. Bickell ENTR3140! Folio 16 of 16

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