Course : Managerial Accounting

Question1:   Discuss the accent of authoritative accounting as "decision-making tool" in your organization. Instructions: 1.Make abiding to accommodate a bright paragraphs of minimum addition and altercation allotment cessation  of your explanation(above 350 words in total) with 2 associate advised references of aftermost 3 years. 2. Apprehend a another of your colleagues' postings. Respond to at atomic 3 of your classmates’ posts. (Each announcement should be 150 words, It should accommodate the being like acknowledging their altercation and   Ask a acid question, embodied with added accomplishments information, affirmation or research. • Share an acumen from accepting apprehend your colleagues' postings, synthesizing the advice to accommodate new perspectives. • Offer and abutment an another angle application readings from the classroom or from your own analysis in the Campbellsville University Library. • Validate an abstraction with your own acquaintance and added research. • Make a advancement based on added affirmation fatigued from readings or afterwards synthesizing assorted postings. • Expand on your colleagues' postings by accouterment added insights or allegory perspectives based on readings and evidence.) Study Materials Link: TextBook:  Chapter1:   Introduction to Authoritative Accounting:  Capter2:  Job Order Costing:   

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