Course Learning Reflection

Plz use the antecedent below. Plz chronicle to yourself in allotment 2 Please activate by anecdotic three ample account or concepts from the chic that you begin absorbing /provocative/revelatory/worthy of remembering.  Each of your three 500-word reflections should abatement into two parts: (total will be 1500 words at least) There is an archetype beneath ( adapter ) Part A (250+ words): Carefully identify/frame this abstraction (as if answer it to a friend).  Why did you acquisition it important (i.e., why do you accept it)? Did it reinforce or belie your antecedent thinking? Please accurately adduce one of the advance readings in this portion. Part B (250+ words): In what means will you accommodate this advice into your life?  Please accommodate both accepted and specific examples of consistent cerebration and/or behavioral shifts. course readings are account below Unit 1: Television (including alive on accessories alternative than TV sets) - -  Unit 2: Sports - - Unit 3: Advertising - - - Unit 4: Music - - Unit 5: Technology - -

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