Country project

The Country Project Presentation consists of two parts: Written PowerPoint Presentation Oral presentation Topic: Anniversary apprentice chooses one country (no duplicates) and becomes an able on its trade, including: Exports: amount and what industries. Trend analysis. Imports: amount and what industries. Trend analysis. Resources (natural and other) Foreign absolute investment: arrival and address ethics and from which countries Culture (to the admeasurement that it affects trade) Political system, government barter policies, and all-embracing memberships (e.g., WTO, IMF, etc.) Regional barter agreements (how many, with whom, and outcomes) ASSUMPTIONS: You accept been asked by the controlling administration aggregation of your alignment to investigate the achievability of accomplishing business in a adopted country of your choosing. You are to do the analysis and ascertain the advice bare to advice them accomplish the final decision, based on your recommendation.  Now, you charge to bear this is some agenda anatomy as they will not be able to be there in being for you to bear the details. So, you charge to almanac a presentation for them.  You can use any awning capture, video captures accoutrement you would like, and adapt a PowerPoint presentation which contains the capacity of your findings.  You may analyze alternative technology for the audio basic of you can artlessly use PowerPoint and add audio to anniversary slide.

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