counselor ethics and responsiblity paper

 Access and analysis the "Counselor Belief and Responsibilities Appointment Guidelines." Complete the cardboard according to the appointment guidelines.  Include at atomic six bookish assets in accession to the arbiter in your paper. Prepare this appointment according to the guidelines activate in the APA Style Guide, amid in the Student Success Center. This appointment uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged completion.  Directions: Follow the admonition beneath to abode a cardboard of 1,750-2,100 words on advisor belief and responsibilities.  Provide a anxious acknowledgment to anniversary of the afterward sections, including specific, accurate examples to allegorize your ideas. Use the area headings provided beneath to abstracted anniversary area of your paper.  Your final deliverable should be one adamant cardboard acclamation all six sections forth with an addition and conclusion. Part One: Please agenda that allotment one charge be accounting in the third person.  Section 1: Applicant Rights  1) Describe how you will absorb the afterward bristles attempt of ethical convenance in adjustment to advance your clients' rights.  a) Autonomy  b) Nonmaleficence  c) Beneficence  d) Justice e) Fidelity 2) Altercate the abreast accord action and how it protects applicant rights including: a) Billing b) Appropriate to Privacy c) HIPAA compliance d) Compliance with credentialing lath requirements for accumulation abreast accord into practice Section 2: Responsibility to Warn and Protect  Identify the factors that you will accede in adjustment to actuate your “duty to warn” and “duty to protect” responsibilities as a counselor. Be abiding to accede ethical guidelines as able-bodied as the laws pertaining to the "duty to warn" and "duty to protect" in the accompaniment in which you plan to practice. Section 3: Applicant Record-Keeping  Discuss the role of applicant almanac befitting in attention the following: a) a client's appropriate to a able accepted of care b) the advisor from liability Part Two: Please agenda this area can be accounting in the aboriginal person.  Section 4: Self-care  After account the addition of Area C “Professional Responsibility” in the ACA Code of Belief altercate the following: 1. What does the ACA Code of Belief say about self-care? 2. How do you plan on advancement a advantageous antithesis amid your able and claimed life? 3. What advantageous self-care activities accept you affianced in in the accomplished or present? 4. What advantageous self-care activities accept you advised but haven’t yet implemented? 5. What are some red-flags suggesting that you may charge to abode claimed issues to abstain claimed impairment? 6. How do you feel about attorneys actuality counseled? Some programs crave it. Do you accede with that concept?  Section 5: Advocacy Go to the American Counseling Association (Government Diplomacy > Take Action) ( to acquisition a way to apostle for the attorneys and the counseling profession at the authoritative level. Summarize how you can get complex (approx. 100 words).  Section 6: Advisor Values  1) Select two of the afterward issues you feel arch about from the following:  a) Abortion. (A 19-year-old abduction victim wants an abortion, but her parents are angrily against to aborticide on religious area and accept declared that they will no best accede her their babe if she proceeds. The adolescent woman is close in her plans, but wants your advice in alteration her parents’ attitudes.) b) Gay adoption. (John and Bill, afterwards active in a committed accord for 7 years, adjudge that they appetite to activate a family. They accept differing opinions about whether to use a agent mother or accept a child.)  c) Assisted suicide. (Eleanor, an 87-year-old with terminal cancer, has absitively to end her activity but is ambivalent about how to altercate this with her family, or if she should altercate it with them at all. She seeks your advice in this decision, but is not absorbed in revisiting her accommodation to end her life.) d) Extramarital affairs. (Both spouses in a brace you are counseling are accepting affairs, which they affirmation are not accidental in any way to their accepted conjugal difficulties. They appetite your advice in deepening their alliance but they are both committed to the “open marriage” abstraction that does not crave animal monogamy.) 2) Describe your claimed ethics and attitudes appear the called issues as able-bodied as how you would admonition the applicant in anniversary bearings you selected. HINT: Make abiding you advertence ethical codes from ACA, NBCC, or NAADAC. ****PLEASE COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS READ ATTACHED RUBRIC APA AND TURNITIN REPORT AND PLAG REPORT**************THANKS

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