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In Topic 5, you submitted a analysis plan for your applicant Eliza. Since the antecedent analysis plan, several changes accept taken abode aural Eliza’s case. Since the binding appraisal two weeks ago, you accept apparent that Eliza is afresh on your applicant advertisement for the day due to a binding evaluation, with the adventure abode advertence that campus accessible safety, due to a tip from a anxious resident, begin the applicant anesthetized out and abandoned in her dorm, smelling of alcohol. Part 1: Review the antecedent Analysis Plan submitted in Topic 5. Reassess your analysis plan diagnoses, goals, and objectives based on the new advice provided. Treatment plan is absorbed in my essay. Part 2: In a 1,000-1,250-word essay, acknowledgment the questions presented in a abstracted Word document, acclamation the following: Examine the case and adduce why the changes occurred. Reassess the capability and authority of the analysis plan. Discuss how the analysis plan needs to be adapted to abode the changes in the situation. Justify the changes both ethically and legally. Determine what the changes (obstacles) beggarly to the analysis plan. Discuss how you would appraise the assets accessible for you to accomplish a referral. Discuss how you would acquaint to the applicant the charge for referrals to alternative providers. Determine which referrals you would accomplish and which you ability advance to the client. Include any instruments you would use to appraise the client.

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