Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis: Johnson&Johnson (JNJ)

  In the aftermost module, you completed your appraisal of banknote flows for your project. In this module, you will account the break-even point for the activity and the accepted banking returns. Open the Cost-Volume-Profit spreadsheet that you accept been alive in and account the break-even point.of your proposed project. (Access the CVP arrangement if you accept not yet amorphous this work) The activity charge use a 6.5% amount of basic and a tax amount of 25%. Complete IRR (Internal Amount of Return) and NPV (Net Present Value) for the project. Make abiding you appearance your Excel formulas or accommodate calculations so your adviser can analysis your work. You should accept additionally advised key credibility of any abstract allowances or costs associated with the activity and amorphous addition your pro forma account with acceptable accomplishments advice to accredit a -to-be broker to adjudge if your aggregation is account advance in. Submit this worksheet to the M4 Course Activity Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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