Cost Concepts: Cost-Volume-Profit-Analysis

 Part I Compose a announcement to the applicant discussing the allowances of a budget. Accommodate advice apropos changeless budgets, as able-bodied as adjustable budgets, and the differences amid the two. In Part II of this assignment, you will adapt a changeless annual for the client. Also, accommodate your annual for anniversary accommodation (step) that you accomplish for the annual that you will prepare. Part II Using the 2016 and 2017 banking statements provided for Jim’s Auto Body, adapt a changeless annual for 2018 (include the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet). Jim Davis has adumbrated that his plan is to abound his acquirement by 15%. Adapt the changeless annual based on this advance plan and the antecedent year’s statements to annual for trends. Do not be abashed to accomplish suggestions for the annual (such as suggesting a way to cut aback on utilities or supplies) to appearance the applicant how abundant of a aberration it could accomplish in his profitability. Please appearance your assignment (calculations). Your announcement should be 700–900 words in APA format.  

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