Cost Benefit Calculations – Mod 1 SLP (need back today)

  This appointment requires you to do a amount and account assay for the afterward company. You will charge to abstraction anxiously the amount and account adding area at "Home" of bore 1. Ebidding aggregation has a ecommerce website that accomplish $500,000 per year. Account the annualized amount of accident (ARO) and annualized accident assumption (ALE) for anniversary risk: CategoryCost per incidentFrequency of occurrenceProgramming errors$1,0002 per weekInformation theft(hacker)$2,0001 per quarterInformation theft(employee)$5,0001 per yearViruses$1,0001 per yearDenial of account attacks$3,5001 per 6 monthNatural diaster$100,0001 per 20 years Note: apprehend accomplishments materials, and additionally accomplish abiding to catechumen abundance of accident to annual base. One year past, account the amount and account of controls that accept been in place. Category Cost per incident Frequency of occurrence Cost of controlType of controlProgramming errors$1,0002 per week$2500TrainingInformation theft(hacker)$2,0001 per quarter$10,000FirewallInformation theft(employee)$5,0001 per year$10,000Physical securityViruses$1,0001 per year$10,000Anti-virusDenial of account attacks$3,5001 per 6 month$10,000FirewallNatural diaster$100,0001 per 20 years$15,000Insurance SLP Appointment Expectations Clear account of your calculation.

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