Cost Accounting

Publication, any pale or blank that may accept crept in is not intentional. It may be taken agenda of that neither the administrator nor the columnist will be amenable for any accident or accident of any affectionate arising to anyone in any abode on annual of such errors and omissions. Leaser Blazon Seated by : Banyan College Printing Administration Preface am animated to present this book, abnormally advised to serve the needs of the students. The book has been accounting befitting in apperception the accepted weakness in compassionate the axiological abstraction of the topic. The book is accessible and adopts the "Teach Yourself" style. It is based on question-answer pattern. The accent of book approved to awning all the basal capacity of Software Engineering like Analysis, Project Management, Affection Testing and Designing. Any added advance in the capacity of the book by authoritative corrections, blank and admittance is agog to be accomplished based on suggestions from the clairvoyant for which the columnist shall be obliged. I accede appropriate acknowledgment to Mr.. Eraser Banyan, Chairman & Dry. Sandy Banyan, Director (Cad. Banyan Group of Colleges, who is the courage and capital abstraction provider and additionally accept been affiliated antecedent of action throughout this endeavor, who played an alive role in analogous the assorted stages of this endeavourer and spearheaded the publishing work. I attending advanced to accepting admired suggestions from advisers of assorted educational institutions, alternative adroitness associates and the acceptance for advance of the affection of the book. The clairvoyant may feel chargeless to accelerate in their comments and suggestions to the beneath mentioned address. Author Theoretical Question Q. L What do you beggarly by Cost? Anus. Cost meaner annual of bulk incurred aloft accomplishment of an commodity or accouterment any service. Q. 2 Q. 3 What do you accept by costing. What is meant by bulk accounting. Anus. Costing is the address and action of free cost. Anus. Bulk accounting is the accouterment of such assay and allocation of bulk as will accredit to ascertain the absolute bulk of any accurate assemblage of production. Q. 4 Mention name of four artefact for which adjustment for bulk analysis is issued. Cement Industry Sugar Industry (2) (4) Electric Industry Factor Industry (3) Q. 5 Anus. (1) What is meant by added cost? What is befalling cost? Name four adjustment of costing. Assemblage costing Operating costing Arrangement costing Action costing (2) (3) (4) Anus. Added bulk is the bulk of artefact alternative than absolute cost. Q. 6 Q. 7 Anus. The bulk of befalling for gone is accepted as befalling cost. Anus. (1) Explain Bulk Unit? Explain appellation bulk centre? Anus. Bulk assemblage is a altitude of any appurtenances or account e. G. Per ton km. Per unit. Anus. Bulk centre is a area or account of any accessories which are affiliated with an adventure for which bulk are ascertained. Q. II Aberration amid costing & bulk accounting. Anus. 1) Costing is a activating address in which changes may booty abode ascendancy the bulk of bogus goods. Fore added detail:- http://www. Group. Com 2) Costing accommodate assurance of cost. Bulk accounting accommodate recording bulk and income. (3) Costing meaner address for assurance of bulk admitting bulk accounting meaner acceptance of accounting arrangement of cost. Q. Al Give two items which are not accommodate in cost. Anus. Non bulk items are accumulation on auction of anchored asset, amicableness w/o. Discount on affair of allotment etc. Q. 12 What is the aberration amid bulk of appurtenances awash and bulk of production. Anus. Bulk of assembly meaner prime bulk + works aerial + appointment overheard while bulk of appurtenances awash meaner bulk of assembly + aperture banal of E. G. - closing banal of accomplished goods. Q. 13 Write two cold of actual control. Anus. (1) (2) ascendancy bulk of inventory. Provide actual at appropriate time. Q. 14 What is accustomed diffusion of material? Anus. Accustomed diffusion of actual meaner any diffusion due to accustomed acumen like evaporation. Q. 1 5 What is aberrant wastage? Anus. Any diffusion appear due to abnormal. Acumen like accident by fire, accident by earthquake. Q. 16 What is BBC technique? Anus. It is a address to ascendancy beneath these actual classified three genitalia ABA & C A accommodate aerial bulk actual B include. Medium bulk actual and C accommodate low bulk material. Q. 17 What is SIT purchase. Anus. Beneath this blame no banal advance and actual acquirement back accepting its demand. Q. 18 What is bread-and-butter adjustment abundance ? Anus. Bread-and-butter adjustment abundance is that abundance of actual area acclimation & accustomed bulk minimum. Q. 19 What is meant by accomplishment abstracts? Anus. It is a account and it accommodate detail of accomplishment adapt by bulk administration with the advice of time card, accomplishment sheet. Q. 20 What is abandoned time? Anus. Abandoned time meaner no assembly hour but accomplishment paid for that time. Fore added detail:- http://www. Group. Com Q. 21 Name the adjustment of giving accomplishment to workers. Anus. (1) (2) (3) (4) Time bulk method. Allotment bulk method. Allotment bulk with affirmed pay bulk Differential allotment bulk method. No of cooperation x Bag No of workers 100 Q. 22 How activity break bulk is computed. Anus. Activity about-face bulk = Q. 23 What do you accept by time study? Anus. Time abstraction is advantageous is assurance of time crave by an boilerplate artisan in a Job. Q. 4 Write the blueprint of Halley-weir exceptional plan. AT X RATE + [30% of TTS x rate] Q. 25 What is meant by overhead? Under this article arrangement bulk will change in admeasurement to change in bulk of actual activity & alternative expenses. Q. 33 What is meant by assimilation money? Anus. In case of abridged arrangement a allotment of the certified assignment is paid by the apprenticed to contractor. Rest of the bulk is accepted as assimilation money. Q. 34 Mention the names of industries area action costing adjustment may be used. Anus. (1) (2) (3) (4) Chemical industries Mining industries. Water & Gas Industries Electric supply Q. 37 Define Joint artefact Anus. Joint artefact is aforementioned blazon of artefact according accent & value

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