Corrections Power Point

Final Project: Best Practice Accomplishing Plan (30 Points)   No anon quoted absolute may be acclimated in this activity paper. Resources should be abbreviated or paraphrased with adapted in-text and Resource folio citations.   Objectives: Identify the stakeholders with whom correctional administrators interact Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the correctional system Describe the action of developing an accomplishing plan To amalgamate affairs elements and structures to accommodate the base for a affairs advised to be application best practices   You are active by the State Administration of Correction.  The arrangement consists of nine correctional facilities; 1 Maximum security; 3 Medium security, 3 Minimum security, and 2 Community Based Assignment Absolution facilities.  You are active at one of the Medium Aegis facilities.    Facility Description State Correctional Institution Medium Security Population 1600 bedevilled felons 12 accepted citizenry apartment units, 60 bifold bunked beef in each.  200 added beds amid in a abode that was ahead acclimated as a gymnasium 30 bed Special Management Unit 30 bed Health Services Unit 350 correctional aegis staff 150 non-security affairs staff Maintenance, Food Services, and Medical Services are provided by arrangement employees.     Agency Mission: The State Administration of Correction protects the public, its employees, and inmates beneath its supervision.  This is able by operating safe and defended correctional facilities; and by accouterment inmates with opportunities to change their behavior and apprentice abilities that will abetment them to be productive, law constant citizens aloft their absolution from custody.   Vision Statement: As an basic allotment of the bent amends arrangement we will strengthen accessible assurance by accomplishing arete in correctional practices. Assignment You accept ahead provided the Warden with a address on a Correctional "BEST PRACTICE REENTRY" program.  The Warden has now instructed you to adapt a PowerPoint presentation account the accomplishing of the "REENTRY Best Practice." The presentation will be accustomed to the Commissioner, and at the minimum will include: A description of the program. An account why the affairs is bare in the Administration of Correction. Explain how this action contributes to the bureau accomplishing its mission and vision. Identify the anchored amount items which will be all-important to get the affairs established.  (You do not accept to accommodate the absolute budget.  Provide the advice all-important for the budgetary administration to adapt a account e.g. personnel, supplies, equipment, etc.) Explain if the accomplishing plan will crave negotiations with the Union?  If so, why? Identify the stakeholders.  What involvement, if any, should they accept in the accomplishing of the project?   Format Requirements- PowerPoint presentation: The presentation will accommodate a appellation folio (not included in accelerate count) Include your name Course Appellation and Number Project Title Date of Submission   The final assignment may accommodate photographs, charts, graphics, or any alternative adapted elements to enhance the capability of your PowerPoint presentation.  You are bound to 18 PowerPoint slides. Additional anecdotal (as admitting you were presenting to a alive audience) shall be added to the Notes area of the slide. Use APA citations for all sources. Include a advertence folio accelerate (not included in the accelerate count) You will be graded on the ability of your analysis and the capability of your presentation.

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