Core Marketing Mountain Man Brewing Company Bringing the Brand to Light

C1. Overview Mountain Man Brewing Aggregation (MMBC, or the Client) is a family-run business in West Virginia that has accomplished abundant advance back ablution its flagship exceptional beer Mountain Man Lager (MMB) in 1925. Over the decades, cast loyalty, affection and cast acquaintance accept been the cornerstones of the Client’s success – the accent of the MMBC cast amid consumers has accustomed the aggregation to body its baby but constant bazaar allotment in the East Central arena (ECR), decidedly in its home state, the alone arena it distributes in (7. % of the bazaar with added than 50 actor USD in revenue). Challenges & Opportunities Challenges MMBC currently faces a potentially identity-changing challenge: The acceptable exceptional beer bazaar has been crumbling at a admixture anniversary amount of 4%, and MMB accomplished a 2% abatement in acquirement aftermost year, the aboriginal bead in its absolute history; accordingly, MMBC’s ambition aim is to balance from the 2% abatement in acquirement that occurred in the above-mentioned year. Opportunities The ablaze beer bazaar – accepted with adolescent drinkers – has additionally been growing at a CAGR of 4%. Although MMBC has been historically anemic in the 35-years-and-under segment, there is befalling to accomplish added sales by absolution a new Mountain Man Ablaze Beer (MML) band to ambition this adolescent market. However, there is the accident of abnormally impacting their accepted administration of MMB through shelf-space cannibalization and college costs; as able-bodied as the accident of alienating their amount articulation of older, blue-collar drinkers. . Assay MMBC faces potentially accident added acquirement at the accepted forecasted admixture anniversary abatement amount of 2% – the projected abatement for MMB standalone in year-to-year net acquirement from absolute 520,000 barrels awash in 2005 (USD 50. 4 m) to 470,039 barrels (approximately USD 45. 6 m) by 2010 totals about 10% (see Exhibit 1). According to the key age demographics amid beer drinkers, MMB’s chump assay is currently as follows: 64% for 45 years and up, and alone 17% for 35 years and under. Yet the ECR breakdown for burning by beer blazon is the opposite: 50. 4% for ablaze and alone 19. 7% for premium. Due to the cutting abeyant in the ablaze beer market, we accept able projections on advance in revenues and costs for MMBC should they adjudge to move advanced with brewing Mountain Man Ablaze (see Exhibit 2A, 2B). Making Mountain Man Lighter (and Added Profitable) Considerations accept been fabricated apropos MMB actual as a stand-alone artefact (again, see Exhibit 1). However, per the Client’s instructions, this address will focus on projected achievement analytical MMBC’s access into the ablaze beer bazaar at their accepted MMB abridgement amount of 20%. According to our analysis, MML would still aftereffect in a cogent access in acquirement aural two years: With the new artefact mix, net assets allowance increases from an bush 0. 88% in MML’s aboriginal year to a able-bodied 3. 7% by its added year (2007), alike with considerations on the added costs that would go into ablution a new artefact – manufacturing, advertising, accepted operating (see Exhibit 2A). Additionally, the projected MMB+MML sales aggregate afterwards alone two years would about bout MMBC’s accepted aggregate akin – 500,895 barrels to 520,000 – and would eventually beat the 2005 amount in 2008; while standalone abstracts appearance a connected abatement from the 2005 criterion and eventually abatement abaft MML sales by 2011 (Exhibit 3). * Issues to Accede The anticipation for MMB +MML sales are promising. However, JAFREM charge agenda cogent issues to accede with the presented data: 1) Due to bound sales aggregate for the aboriginal six years, appulse on COGS has not been taken into consideration; should the accepted assembly accommodation levels be exceeded, added inputs apropos CAPEX (for example, for new plants) will be necessary. 2) With the forecasted MML advance rate, the Client’s bazaar allotment in the ERC amounts to 1. 5% afterwards bristles years; MMB has not accomplished this akin afterwards added than 50 years in the business and so considerations on the MMB abridgement amount accept additionally been provided (Exhibit 2B). 4. Recommendations Light beer is an adorable hypothesis for MMBC, abnormally with the abatement in the exceptional beer segment. Accordingly, blank the activating advance in the ablaze articulation is artlessly too abundant of an befalling to let pass. In adjustment to abate the risks that appear with ablution MML (alienating amount customers, announcement a bootless product), we recommends the afterward measures: To abstain accident cast disinterestedness at the customer akin for MMB, pilot the MML barrage alfresco West Virginia, as this is MMBC’s arch and best loyal market; should the testing prove successful, again application can be fabricated on affective into West Virginia. Should the MML advance anticipation not be accomplished afterwards two years, acknowledgment focus to MMB administration at a civic level; while announcement and sales at the grass roots akin has been acceptable for MMBC, there has been no attack to ability a beyond business through the acceptable approach of television media. Despite the accepted abatement in the exceptional beer market, MMB still has abeyant to abduction added bazaar allotment by accretion its announcement activities and customer abject alfresco the ERC. SG&A and Other Operating Costs are abundance absolute in the accede ambit of production. [ 3 ]. The Stress Scenarios included in this Exhibit denote the best abridgement amount accessible in adjustment to accomplish the ambition bazaar advance adapted by the Client should they move advanced with MML; in adjustment to abide profitable, these are the abridgement amount ceilings.

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