Coping with Death

Existentialists and intellectuals almost acquire agnate angle about assertive things. Existentialists are intellectuals while some intellectuals can be existentialists. However, there are instances aback their philosophies can acknowledge differences which accomplish them angle out and analyze themselves. This cardboard aims to altercate how one is acceptable to cope with the affair of afterlife in an existential and bookish point of view. Arresting with Afterlife Afterlife has been the best complete accident that is apprenticed to appear to animal beings alike afore they were born. It is one connected affair that will be cat-and-mouse at the end no amount how able-bodied or bad we alive our lives. Throughout life, there are assured instances aback we are affected to cope with the afterlife of someone, whether a stranger’s, relative’s, or plainly, the anticipation of ours. Since existential angle basis from the abstraction of existentialism and bookish angle from intellectualism, let us aboriginal analyze the acumen amid these two philosophies. One of the best acclaimed existentialists in history is the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. He authentic existentialism as a aesthetics which focuses on the actuality of man abandoned and not on his aspect or for any alternative purpose. He argued that man exists after acceptation or definition. However, he declared that aspect and acceptation alone apparent after in our lives. It is through our decisions that we appear to activate the analogue of our actuality (Earnshaw, 2006, p. 74). Clearly, it is axiomatic in his altercation that adoration is out of the picture. In the book Existentialism, Steven Earnshaw quoted Sartre’s (2006) claim: If man as the existentialist sees him is not definable, it is because to activate with he is nothing. He will not be annihilation until later, and again he will be what he makes of himself (p. 74). Based on the analogue by Sartre, it is now reasonable to say that existentialists appearance afterlife as article that aloof happens after any acceptation at all. If we are to cope with it existentially, it can be claimed that afterlife is a aflutter accident because it does not accommodate a alive reason. It does not characterization our meaning; rather, afterlife ends it. On the alternative hand, there are additionally existential arguments with attention to afterlife which claims that afterlife is all-important to admonish us of “possibilities. ” After death, one would not be answerable to be alert in his/her decisions because that alone has all the time in the apple to do them in “trial and error. ” Now, we move on to intellectualism. This aesthetics is absolutely absolutely accessible in nature. An bookish acts in accordance to reason. Similar to existentialism, intellectualism additionally disregards the captivation of religion, for adoration is based on acceptance which is unfounded with solid evidences. Nonetheless, intellectuals can acquire altered means of arresting with death. Since acumen is added circuitous than the abstraction of “existence comes first” by Sartre, intellectuals can alter in their assessment of death. As for me, if I am to cope with afterlife intellectually, I can alpha off by activity aback to the approach of evolution. As rational and bitter animals, we are able of breakable because of several altitude such as diseases, old age, accustomed disaster, etc. Hence, afterlife is a aeon which is scientifically accustomed and inevitable. Best likely, if one is to appearance the abstraction of afterlife either existentially or intellectually, he or she is still accountable to abhorrence its arrival. However, there is a artifice in both of the arguments because the basis of our actuality is still questionable. They can accompany up the Big Bang or the Approach of Evolution, but as far as I am concerned, there is no solid affirmation of the aboriginal citizenry on earth. As continued as theories acquire not been accepted with accurate evidence, there is no way that we can ability the answers about activity and death. In any case, existentialism and intellectualism do not accommodate the absolute way to cope with issues like death. What they can alone accommodate is the flailing altercation that we are advised abstracts which acquire the adequacy to breach bottomward and blast at any point in time. Would it not be bigger to acquire afterlife alive that article doubtful is cat-and-mouse for us?

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