copare and contrast paragraph

  Purpose For the convenance assignment, acceptance will use points-of-reference and capricious words to analyze or adverse two acclimated trucks. See the Comparing and Allegory area beneath Developing Paragraphs/Strategies for Developing the Main Point in The Little Seagull Handbook. Instructions Consider the afterward book back comparing or allegory the two acclimated trucks: Justin has accustomed a new job as a adept agriculturalist with a mural architecture and timberline nursery business. The new position will crave Justin to use his own agent to carriage trees, shrubs, and flowers as able-bodied as ample quantities of mulch, adorning stones, and agronomical equipment. Justin currently owns a truck, but it is old and needs a new agent and transmission. So, Justin decides to buy a reliable acclimated barter that is in acceptable action rather than adjustment the old truck. Justin has $2,000 in accumulation additional the trade-in amount to use as the bottomward acquittal to acquirement a truck. At a acclimated car lot, Justin anchorage the choices to two trucks. How should Justin accomplish a accommodation amid the trucks? What requirements or points-of-reference are best important? To complete the convenance assignment, there are bristles points-of-reference as apparent in Table 3. The sentences for this appointment are provided. The appointment is to reorder, rewrite, and amalgamate the sentences application capricious words. Directions Create a points-of-reference blueprint to appraise the options. Evaluate the two trucks application bristles criteria—amount of space, condition, features, price, and safety—as the points-of-reference. Write a analyze or adverse branch application the sentences provided. Use capricious words and phrases accurately aural the paragraph. Add alternative sentences as needed. Use these sentences for the points-of-reference blueprint and paragraph: Pickup Barter A’s amount tag says $3,000. Pickup Barter B’s amount tag says $4,000. Pickup Barter A’s odometer reads 100,000 miles. Pickup Barter B’s odometer reads 80,000 miles. Both trucks were bogus in 1998. Pickup Barter A has automated locks and windows. Pickup Barter B has a CD amateur and a abundant complete system. Pickup Barter A is ablaze red and has a few dents on it. The seats and carpeting in Pickup Barter B are stained. Both trucks accept continued cabs. Pickup Barter B is aphotic dejected and has a argent band on the sides. Pickup Barter A has a six butt engine. Pickup Barter B has an eight butt engine. Pickup Barter A’s autogenous is actual clean, but the seats are worn. Pickup Barter A has a bed-liner. Pickup Barter B has brave windows. Pickup Barter B has an automated transmission. Pickup Barter A has a chiral transmission. Justin has $2,000 adored for the purchase. Table 3 Points of Reference Pickup Barter APoints of ReferencePickup Barter B Amount of Amplitude  Condition  Features  Price  Safety  The convenance branch should authenticate acceptable anatomy through the use of a affair sentence, several articular acknowledging sentences, and a absolute sentence. Refer to Area W-4b, Developing Paragraphs, decidedly the area on Comparing and Contrasting, in The Little Seagull Handbook. When the convenance appointment is complete, abide it here. Bang on the Abide Appointment button in the top appropriate of this window. Either upload your branch as a PDF or baddest the argument access tab and blazon your branch into the argument box. Then, bang the Abide Appointment button at the basal of the the page. 

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