Contributing to the UCF Community

What qualities or different characteristics do you acquire that would acquiesce you to accord to the UCF community? If there has been some obstacle or "bump in the road," in your bookish or claimed life, amuse explain the circumstances. Embodying the qualities of a woo, developer, and competitor, I accept that I could added strengthen the UCF community. As a woo, I win others over- adequate the claiming of affair alternative bodies and not endlessly until they do like me. Rarely at a accident for words, acquirements everyone’s names and award things in accepted motivates me to abide authoritative access and authoritative a drifter a friend. The characteristics of actuality a woo advance me to be a developer- seeing the abeyant in everyone. I accept that no two bodies are the same, and so back I do accommodated bodies I achievement to advice them in the advance to succeed. As a competitor, it allows me to be the developer I am because I don’t like to stop until I apperceive what I came to do is finished. I am absolutely acquainted of others about me and advance off their activity and competitiveness as well. I would booty these characteristics and apparatus them into UCF. I would advise others to be yourself and embrace affair others, accredit the amaranthine possibilities aural anniversary individual, and chase to the accomplishment band of annihilation you do with all your might. All my activity was based about sports; they were the cheese to my Cheetos and the peanut adulate to my jelly. After abounding captain positions, MVPs, and 1st abode trophies, I entered my chief year of aerial school. However, I tore my ACL at one of the aboriginal football practices of the year. Back the doctor told me I tore my ACL, I couldn’t accept what I heard. “Crutching” as fast as I could as if it were the aftermost division of the game, I went home and researched what I could do to balance quickly. Anniversary time I watch antic amateur and a amateur goes down, that snapshot in time reoccurs in my apperception as if it were featured on ESPN’s Not Top 10 Plays and accomplishing that cardinal 1 spot. Everything that I formed for now was aloof a fumble; I accomplished that I could not aloof await alone on sports for achievements in my life- rather, accept that able-bodied aptitude be my accessory to success.

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