Contrasting Cultures: Spain and Pakistan

Contrasting Cultures: Spain and Pakistan This cardboard goes through the cultural differences of two countries, Spain and Pakistan based on four “culture-driving” factors: food, Religion, Accouterment and Language. Ability may alter from country to country, ancestors to ancestors or alike alone to individual. Mostly a country has its ability ,according to which the citizens of that country behave respectively. “A nation’s ability resides in the affection and in the body of its people” (Mahatma Gandhi) Pakistan, which is clearly accustomed as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, follows the Islamic law or Shari’aa. It’s accessible that the capital adoration of Pakistan is Islam. About 96% of the citizenry are Muslims ,out of which 80% are Sunnis and 20% Shia’’s, 2% are Hindus, beneath than 1% are Christians and the others are Jews, Sikhs, Ismailis etc (Worldtradepress, 2010). As the majority of Pakistanis are Muslims, and is a huge agency in active the ability of Pakistan, all the citizens appoint in the Islamic holidays and festivals for archetype Eid-ul-Adha, Eid-ul-Fitr and account the Muslims who are abnegation in the Holy Month of Ramadan by not bubbler or bistro in public. Where Pakistan has a ascendant adoration as Islam, Spain’s ascendant adoration is Roman Catholicism which comprises of 94% of the citizenry and the actual 6% are Muslims, Hindus and Jews (kiwiessential. co. uk, n. d. ) The Catholic Church in Toledo accouterments instructions on the society, but as the blow of the Europe, Spain has now become a civil country so it actually does not accept an official religion. Islam and Arab roots of Spain accept been present for about 400 years, about in the avant-garde Spain there are alone Muslims which are either converts or immigrants from Morocco. Religion does not accept abundant access on ability in Spain back compared to Pakistan, alike admitting there are ascendant religions and accessory religions in both countries. The agency which makes a actuality accustomed is the accent they speak. Both countries accept altered languages, Urdu actuality the civic accent of Pakistan and Castilian Spanish actuality the ascendant accent of Spain. About the affinity of languages in both countries is that the alternative languages announced in the country are based on the region. For example, In Pakistan, Punjabi is announced in Punjab province, Sindhi in the Sindh arena and the alternative languages like Balochi, Siraiki, Pashtu and others abacus upto 12 altered languages (Saarctourism. org,n. d) Same is in the case of Spain area Castilian (national language) is announced in Castile, Galician in Galicia, Basque in Euskardi, Calan and Valencia in Catalonia and Valencian arena appropriately (kiwiessential. co. uk, n. d). All the languages announced in Spain are not accustomed to Pakistanis and carnality versa. Appropriately accent differentiates the two cultures, and basically defines them. Apart from language, bathrobe of a actuality makes the alternative adjudicator from which country he or she belongs to. Spanish bodies abrasion semi-conservative but fashionable clothes and the way they dress mostly depends on the acclimate (Hagerty,J 2012) Women mostly abrasion bashful clothes which do not acknowledge a lot of skin, They adopt not to abrasion absolute clothes or sleeveless in accessible and mostly abrasion skirts, continued pants or apart applicable shirts (Worldtradepress, 2010). About in Pakistan, the accouterment is mostly conservative, except for the high class. Shalwar Kameez is the the civic dress of Pakistan which is basically a continued shirt and apart pants. As the times now in Pakistan accept changed, bodies over there abrasion both western and acceptable clothes, but cutting sleeveless or abbreviate dresses are looked bottomward upon. The trend of Jeans-Kameez is actual accustomed in the women now ( Korener S. & Rusell, I. , 2010) However, not cutting Shalwar Kameez by women is still not accustomed in abounding genitalia of Pakistan and also women or girls are accepted to abrasion the best bashful clothes and break “covered” as it is a actual bourgeois association as able-bodied as a Muslim country. Pakistani clothes are mostly affluent in adornment and abounding of colours (mapsofworld. com) admitting the bodies in Spain abrasion clothes which are mainly fabricated of wool, affection or covering because of the bounded bearings of the country (Hagerty J. , 2012) The clothes beat in the two countries differentiate anniversary alternative a lot and mostly the Pakistani accouterment abnormally to women is apprenticed by the adoration factor. The abutting culture-driving-factor is food. Aliment is consistently altered “regionally” throughout the globe. Pakistani aliment uses a lot of spices and herbs authoritative it an admirable cuisine. Lentils are eaten a lot as able-bodied as aureate and abrade articles such as Chapatti, which are like the Mexican Tortillas, are eaten about daily. The use of antiseptic adulate accustomed as Ghee is broadly acclimated in the common and low-class of Pakistanis, about now the bodies are added bloom acquainted which has bargain its use in the high class. Pakistanis are big lovers of pickles and acerb pastes alleged as chutneys which accomplish their aliment alike tastier. Saarctourism. org,n. d) On the alternative hand, Spain’s aliment is annihilation like that of Pakistan’s. They ate actual balmy aliment and mostly accept Continental breakfast, a Heavy cafeteria and a ablaze banquet (Harkins A, 2011). Wine is a charge for them during cafeteria and so are the desserts mainly Black Pudding The cafeteria is mostly a four advance meal with a soup, a angle or egg dish, a meat bowl served with vegetables and a ambrosia mainly a pastry or custard (Porter D, & Prince D, 2004). About the acclaimed dishes alter from burghal to burghal in Spain. Due to the Islamic law any affectionate of alcoholic cooler is not included in Pakistani commons clashing Spain. Rabbit, Craven and Pork are the capital meats eaten in Spain (expatfocus. com, n. d. ) admitting in Pakistan ,due to Islamic law Pork is not allowed, appropriately chicken, lamb and beef are mostly eaten (saarctourism. org). In conclusion, afterwards account this cardboard the bright cessation which comes is that both the cultures are acutely different. They rarely accept any similarity. The capital point is that Pakistan’s ability is apprenticed by Adoration admitting Spain’s ability is apprenticed by Region! References * Expat Focus, n. d, Spain- Aliment and Drink, accessed on 5/11/2012, accessible URL http://www. expatfocus. com/expatriate-spain-food-drink? gclid=CMzKzYuVurMCFSHHtAodmjMA2Q * Hagerty, J 2012, 10 Facts about Accouterment in Spain, accessed on 6/11/2012, accessible URL http://www. travels. com/travel-tips/advice/facts-clothing-spain/ * Harkins, A 2010, Epa, accessed on 6/11/2012, accessible URL http://dreamweaver. reinhardt. edu/harkins91109/spain-cultures. html * Kiwi essential, n. , Spain Ability Guide: Adoration in Spain, accessed 5/11/2012, accessible URL http://www. kwintessential. co. uk/articles/spain/Spain-culture-guide-Religion-in-Spain/21 * Kiwi essential, n. d, Spain-Language, culture, Customs And Etiquette, accessed 5/11/2012, accessible URL http://www. kwintessential. co. uk/resources/global-etiquette/spain-country-profile. html * Koerner, S & Russell, I 2010, Unquiet Pasts,p382-385, Ashgate Publishing Ltd. , accessed on 6/11/2012, URL http://books. google. ae/books? id=7li2jpQgYvAC&pg=PA382&dq=nati

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