contracts #3 analyze case and damage claims if any

  On August 5th, George  from Phil’s Trading Co. in Park Slope, NY alleged Harry’s Printers in  Ithaca, NY to ask about appraisement and commitment for an 2,500 atramentous t-shirts  with the byword “P.S. I Love You” emblazoned on the advanced and “Park  Slope New York” accounting on the back.  Phil’s has awash these shirts  before and begin them popular, but alone amid Park Slope residents.   Harry says he can book and bear again to Phil’s for $5.00 per shirt,  payable 60 canicule afterwards delivery. On August 6th,  George sends Harry a acquirement adjustment for the 2,500 t-shirts which states  “Price - $5.00 per shirt.  Delivery - FOB Acme Accumulation House., Park  Slope, NY.  Payment - 60 canicule afterward delivery. On August 8th  Harry’s sends George a certificate labeled Confirmation of Order” that  said, in accordant part, “this confirms your adjustment for 2,500 Shirts at a  price of $5.00, FOB Harry’s Printers, Ithaca, NY” On August  25, Harry’s ships the 2,500 t-shirts to Phil’s appointed accumulation abode  and sends Phil’s an balance for $13,200, including  shipping costs of  $700. The aircraft agenda states all accuse are payable aural 60 canicule  from date of cancellation of  goods.  On August 31, Harry hears  through the comment that Phil’s Trading is accepting austere money  problems. A acquaintance tells Harry that Phil’s was three week’s abaft on a  $50,000 annual with his close and the acquaintance had heard they were 4  week’s abaft on a $20,000 annual with addition supplier. Harry  calls George and asks if what he heard was true.  George confirms it,  but tells Harry it is aloof a abbreviate appellation banknote breeze botheration and it will  have no aftereffect on Harry accepting paid by the end of the  60 days.  Not  feeling any calmer, Harry tells George that he want’s a certified analysis  for the abounding bulk in 72 hours or he is sending “some guys to Park  Slope to aces up ‘My’ shirts.” Phil's did not accomplish any acquittal by the 72 hour borderline and on September 5th  Harry beatific three ample advisers to Acme Accumulation Abode who, not absent  any problems, angry the shirts over to them.  The advisers brought the  t-shirts aback to Harry’s.  Acme beatific Phil’s a bill for $300 for the  time its workers spent on the issue. On September 15th,  Harry’s awash 1,000 of the shirt’s to Evelyn’s Gift Shop in Park Slope, a  major adversary of Phil’s, for $4.00 per shirt, FOB Ithaca, NY.  On  September 29th, Harry’s awash addition 1,000 shirts to Evelyn’s, FOB Ithaca, NY.  The aftermost 500 shirts are still in Harry’s warehouse. As  it turns out, George was right.  Phil’s banknote breeze problems were  temporary and by October 1, all of Phil’s aback bills were paid off, and  Phil’s could accept paid Harry’s as well.  Phil’s sues Harry’s for aperture  of arrangement and Harry’s counterclaims alleging aperture of arrangement also.   Analyze the claims and defenses of the parties. Please assay the  parties positions and accessible accident claims. 

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