Contract Law essay 1000 words

   QUESTION Declan, who lives in Buckinghamshire, owns a car dealership which sells alone to alternative car dealers 'business to business'. In the summer of 2017, Simon who had purchased cars from Declan in the past, came to see Declan absent to buy 6 Range Rover Vogue cars to advertise on at his own dealership. Declan appropriate that Simon should pay a absolute amount of £100,000 and the cars would be delivered on the afterward Friday. Simon agreed, paid the money, and active a accepted arrangement with Declan for the auction of the cars. Just as he was about to leave Declan’s dealership he tripped over a accumulation of tyres that had been larboard by the capital exit. Simon burst a wrist and burst his new Tag Heuer watch as he fell. He was additionally off assignment for 4 weeks.  On the Friday, the cars arrived, and Simon realised that one of the six cars had a adulterated agent and gearbox. As Simon was now actual affronted about the accomplished affair, Simon absitively that he capital to sue Declan for the adulterated car and for the abrasion and accident he had abiding aback he tripped. His advocate Alasdair wrote to Declan aggressive acknowledged action.  Declan’s advocate Karen replied, apropos Simon to the aback folio of the 7-page arrangement area a article stated: "Declan’s AutoMart will not be accountable for any injury, loss, or accident acquired to any Business client while on Declan’s property, or be accountable for any aperture of any approved obligation wheresover and whensoever that aperture becomes known."

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