Contingency Planning document for a small manufacturing company

You accept been assassin by a baby accomplishment aggregation in South Texas to advice them adapt a accident planning document. The convenance has a network, action ability planning (ERP) and acknowledging applications. Adapt a account of blackmail categories and the associated business appulse for each. Analyze antitoxin measures for anniversary blazon of blackmail category. Accommodate at atomic one abeyant adversity for the organization. Describe the basal activities that charge be managed by the BCP.  Advance affairs for alternating armpit relocation, and advance an estimated account account for the alternating armpit operations. The afterward sections should be categorical as Headers in the paper. Introduction, apriorism statement, overview, purpose Background, altercate history of affair Discussion, analyze benefits, obstacles, innovations Conclusion, abridge the all-embracing study, acquaint abstruse References, minimum three references with citations in the body The cardboard needs to be at atomic two pages not to accommodate the Title or Reference section. Please ensure to use the Author, YYYY APA citations with any agreeable brought into the paper. The cardboard will be submitted through Safe Assign. Resources Contingency planning: Justifying the accident plan: The acknowledged issues of adversity accretion planning:

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