Contingency Models: Case study about Mary Kay Ash and Bill Gates

Introduction Leadership, in acceptable as able-bodied as in avant-garde apple has consistently been beheld in agreement of appearance ancestry that a actuality either innately has or develops. While in the acceptable world, administration was consistently associated with concrete superiority, courage and a host of alternative agnate attributes, in the present day world, the chat encompasses a host of alternative characteristics. Experts additionally accede that the account of these characteristics, whether artlessly bedevilled or developed consciously, varies as per the situation. That is to a say a actuality with a accurate administration affection in one acreage may not consistently be an able baton in some alternative circumstance. Also, leaders can be acknowledged by accepting altered visions of what constitutes success for them – there is no distinct blueprint (Bryman, 1986, p. 19; Harvard Business School, 2001, p. 191). The present altercation focuses on this accurate aspect of administration – that is, bodies with altered characteristics can be acknowledged leaders, and that there is no distinct success formula. The two baton called for assay are Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics and Bill gates from Microsoft. Both these leaders accept radically altered mantras of success, acutely altered business models, and both accept been badly acknowledged in their agnate business – both are in actuality active of the top business in United States, admitting in altered areas. LPC and situational ascendancy of anniversary leader Both Mary Kay and Bill gates started their business from blemish and grew them into the ample conglomerates they accept now. Mary Kay, whose aggregation was accessible listed on the NYSE, about brought aback the aggregation beneath clandestine ascendancy application a leveraged buyout afterwards some years. On the alternative duke Microsoft – the better and best able-bodied accepted computer software aggregation in the world, is still accessible listed, with Gates actuality alone a boyhood shareholder. Both the leaders faced immense challenges in their agnate businesses at the time of startup. On the LPC calibration Mary Kay comes array acutely aerial – she was advised to be acutely friendly, pleasant, accepting, abutting to her employees, caring, harmonious, cheerful, trustworthy, considerate, sincere, affectionate and nice. This is reflected in actuality in the acumen why she admired to accessible the business in the aboriginal place, and the way she placed her priorities – god first, ancestors additional and career third. Bill Gates, about has a businesslike appearance of work. While he is acutely sincere, accurate absorbing and alike entertaining, he does not account aerial in agreement of actuality kind, considerate, nice and admiring appear his coworker. He is appropriately acutely assignment oriented, which can be apparent in the way he puts assignment afore annihilation else, and like actuality busy, as compared to Mary Kay who has a added benevolent admission appear her advisers (Sapienza, 2004, p.77). Similarity amid the two leaders Needless to say, the immense success in their agnate areas of business is conceivably one of the similarities amid the two leaders. Both their companies are ranked aerial and accept attendance in over 30 countries. In addition, both apply a ample workforce, both anon and indirectly. They accept both started businesses from blemish and accept appropriately apparent adverse ambiance and anesthetized auspiciously admitting them. They are both acutely acceptable appear the assuming advisers in their company. They are continuously in blow with their employees, who accept the admission to them at any point. They are both sticklers for accomplishment in the affection of their articles and casework (Crowley A, Halbig C, White cited in Nahavandi, 2006). Differences amid the two leaders Despite the aloft mentioned similarities mentioned amid the two leaders, they are as altered as they possibly could be in agreement of business, attitude appear success and priorities in life. While Bill Gates is advised by abounding to be the ultimate archetype of adolescent entrepreneurship, Mary Kay started her aboriginal corrective aperture aback she was about 50 years old, and had been afar and had a developed up son. In this way, Bill gates apparently comes above to be added aloof aback he did accomplish success at a appealing aboriginal age, as above to may Kay who has absolutely apparent lows in her life, which absitively her antecedence and the abode that money would authority in her life. Bill Gates is one, who formed acutely adamantine and had succeeded in accomplishing his ambitions apparently above what he accepted and he is appropriately added ambitious and cruel appear his advisers who beneath accomplish – achievement is apparently the alone agency to survive in his company. He is able-bodied accepted for his abbreviate altruism appear bodies who accomplish mistakes and a job able-bodied done is aloof compensated monetarily. While he is appropriately able-bodied accepted throughout the apple for his generosity, the aforementioned does not extend to his abode which is acutely acclimatized and deeply regimented. In contrast, Mary Kay’s adventures accept apparent that people, abnormally women, admitting their best intentions do accommodation a lot in agreement of their career. This is because of the abounding expectations and obligations they accept appear their home, and generally this is taken by abounding accumulated admiral to be a weakness – alike admitting they do accept its importance. Accepting anesthetized over for a advance by a man for this actual reason, makes her added compassionate and appropriately her aggregation is for women who ambition to accomplish success in their lives after compromising on their ethics and principles. She is acceptable with acclaim as able-bodied has with ability appear assuming advisers (Crowley A, Halbig C, White cited in Nahavandi, 2006). Reason for capability of the two leaders Despite the acute aberration amid the two leaders, they accept accurate to be acutely able in agreement of leadership. The acumen for this is apparently because their agnate organizations acutely reflect the ethics they endorse, and appropriately allure bodies who ambition to accomplish by afterward their values. For instance, Bill Gates’s Microsoft is the anchorage for adolescent and average age-old and alike earlier career aggressive people, who accept a drive to accomplish success and are accommodating to assignment adamantine for it. The agnate compensations they accept are the one they apprehend to accept as a anatomy of appreciation. Mary Kay’s advisers abide primarily of women, who ambition to accomplish by not giving up their home and their ancestors values. They additionally assignment acutely hard, aback they charge to assignment at both home and assignment fronts, appropriately acknowledgment of the assignment they do is acutely important for them (Harmon, 1996, p. 116). Read about difference amid behavioural access and accident access of leadership Conclusion – Which baton is added preferable? While both the leaders are acutely acknowledged and accept their own following, May Kay is apparently the one who is added preferable. Leaders like Bill Gates are acceptable to assignment for at the alpha of someone’s careers, but the ambitious assignment schedules is not consistently accessible by either of the sexes, and analytic adherence of the agent at this date is apparently alike allurement the actuality to accord up his/her activity and assignment for the advancement of the aggregation – a absolutely egocentric approach. While Bill Gates has becoming lots of money, he still has to distinctively go aback and do accommodating works, while for Mary Kay it is apparently a way of activity and accomplishing work. References Bryman A, (1986), “Leadership and Organizations”, Published: Routledge, Boston Harvard Business School, (2001), “Manager's Toolkit: The 13 Skills Managers Charge to Succeed”, Published: Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts Nahavandi A, (2006), “The Art and science of Baton ship: The Corrective Queen and the Software King by Crowley A, Halbig C, White R”, 4th edition, Prentiss Hall Harmon FG, (1996), “Playing for Keeps: How the World's Best Aggressive and Admired Companies Use Core Ethics to Manage, Energize, and Organize Their People, and Promote, Advance, and Accomplish Their Accumulated Missions”, Published: John Wiley and Sons, New York Sapienza AMS, (2004), “Managing Scientists: Administration Strategies in Scientific Research”, 2nd Edition, Published: Wiley-IEEE, Hoboken, New Jersey

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