Consumer Psychology

PART B DEFINITION Chump attitude is a specialty breadth that studies how our thoughts, beliefs, animosity and perceptions access how bodies buy and chronicle to appurtenances and services. One academic analogue of the acreage describes it as "the abstraction of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and actuate of products, services, experiences, or account to amuse needs and the impacts that these processes accept on the chump and society. STAGES IN CONSUMER DECISION MAKING PROCESS CONSUMER INDIVIDUAL FACTORS Consumer abandoned agency is disconnected by five. Age, occupation, bread-and-butter situation, affairs and personality. This bristles factors is afflicted to chump behavior to buy aforementioned artefact or services. •Age Age and life-cycle accept abeyant appulse on the chump affairs behavior. It is accessible that the consumers change the acquirement of appurtenances and casework with the access of time. Ancestors life-cycle consists of altered stages such adolescent singles, affiliated couples, bachelor couples etc which advice marketers to advance adapted articles for anniversary stage. 00PLUS artefact affects to this categories because aback adult, bodies are alive accomplishing some action and they charge 1ooPLUS because 1 0 0 P L U S ’scientifically-testedi sotonic conception of carbohydrates, electrolytes and baptize enables faster and added able hydration, appropriately acceptable a person’s adequacy to accomplish at his or her peak. In fact, in a contempo study, 100PLUS was clinically accurate to rehydrate and re-energise faster, and provides 43% added endurance, than baptize alone. Read additionally Memory – Forgetting The announcement additionally can allure chump to buy this artefact because they use cardinal 1 badminton amateur Dato Lee Chong Wei in the advertisement. This can allure bodies because abounding bodies use Dato Lee Chong Wei as their idol. •Occupation The activity of a actuality has cogent appulse on his affairs behavior. For archetype a bassinet in action centermost affairs 100PLUS artefact in the business to accomplish added profit. This is because they apperceive that aback bodies sports, they charge to awning aback their activity and 100PLUS artefact is acceptable in this situation. Bread-and-butter Bearings Chump bread-and-butter bearings has abundant access on his affairs behavior. If the assets and accumulation of a chump is aerial again he will acquirement added big-ticket products. On the alternative hand, a actuality with low assets and accumulation will acquirement bargain products. However, 100PLUS artefact is acceptable to all bread-and-butter bearings cachet because the amount is not expensive. Beside that, they use Dato Lee Chong Wei in announcement accomplish this artefact is added accepted that the alternative product. •Lifestyle Lifestyle of barter is addition acceptation agency affecting the chump affairs behavior. Affairs refers to the way a actuality lives in a association and is bidding by the things in his/her surroundings. It is bent by chump interests, opinions, activities etc and shapes his accomplished arrangement of acting and interacting in the world. Aback bodies alive in sporting, they charge a carbohydrate baptize to accomplish they still accept activity to abide sports. Bodies hwo alive in played badminton additionally adorable to the advertisement because they appetite to became like Dato Lee Chong Wei. Personality Personality changes from actuality to person, time to time and abode to place. Therefore it can abundantly access the affairs behavior of customers. Actually, Personality is not what one wears; rather it is the accumulation of behavior of a man in altered circumstances. It has altered characteristics such as: dominance, aggressiveness, aplomb etc which can be advantageous to actuate the chump behavior for accurate artefact or service. This additionally can allure bodies who like to do article arduous because they charge activity to become vigorous. MOTIVATION AND GOAL Bodies who alcohol 100Plus will actuate they cocky because it will accompany aback they activity to accomplish they goal. BRAND PERSONALITY Cast personality is the way a cast speaks and behaves. It agency allotment animal personality traits/characteristics to a cast so as to accomplish differentiation. These characteristics announce cast behaviour through both individuals apery the cast as able-bodied as through advertising, packaging, etc. Aback cast angel or cast character is bidding in agreement of animal traits, it is alleged cast personality. Advantage-already accepted in Malaysia, has abounding flavor, restore activity bound calmly to find. Disadvantage-100plus is alone isotonic water. CONSUMER IMAGERY Consumers accept a cardinal of constant perceptions, or images, which are particulari relavant to the abstraction of chump behavior. These accommodate the angel they authority of themselves, and their perceived images of articles and artefact categories, of retail stores, and of producers. Bodies will acquisition 100Plus because they apperceive that 100Plus is a isotonic alcohol and its to restore energy. 100Plus additionally added cheaper again addition isotonic drink. MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS THEORY 100 PLUS 100 PLUS Abraham Maslow is able-bodied acclaimed for proposing the Bureaucracy of Needs Approach in 1943. This approach is a classical delineation of animal motivation. This approach is based on the acceptance that there is a bureaucracy of bristles needs aural anniversary individual. The coercion of these needs varies. These bristles needs are as follows- Physiological needs- These are the basal needs of air, water, food, accouterment and shelter. In alternative words, physiological needs are the needs for basal amenities of life. Safety needs- Assurance needs accommodate physical, ecology and affecting assurance and protection. For instance- Job security, banking security, aegis from animals, ancestors security, bloom security, etc. Social needs- Social needs accommodate the charge for love, affection, care, belongingness, and friendship. Admire needs- Admire needs are of two types: centralized admire needs (self- respect, confidence, competence, accomplishment and freedom) and alien admire needs (recognition, power, status, absorption and admiration). Self-actualization need- This accommodate the appetite to become what you are able of acceptable / what you accept the abeyant to become. It includes the charge for advance and self-contentment. It additionally includes admiration for accepting added knowledge, social- service, adroitness and actuality aesthetic. The self- accomplishment needs are never absolutely satiable. As an abandoned grows psychologically, opportunities accumulate agriculture up to abide growing. From this approach that 100plus at the admire needs akin because bodies charge it to restore activity to accomplish they accomplish what they ambition and accomplish bodies appreciative to them.

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