Consumer Behavior short Paper with APA References

Part 1 locate a accepted commodity that discusses business challenges, issues, or strategies accompanying to a customer artefact or service. The commodity should highlight how business is actuality acclimated to acknowledge to customer behavior. Use an adapted antecedent (ex. Fortune, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal) to analyze a accepted commodity (published aural the aftermost 5 years) that considers how consumers accumulate abstracts and codify decisions that ultimately adviser their behavior. Write a abrupt overview of this article, again acknowledge to the afterward items: identify key business challenge(s) and chronicle them to specific customer behavior issues discussed in this module; describe customer behaviors in this accurate situation, and altercate other, accompanying customer behaviors that may additionally be present in real-world situations; propose business recommendation(s) and strategies; and list some pros and cons of your proposed strategies. The accounting commodity analysis should be about 1-2 pages and chase APA formatting (link to APA tip sheet). The cardboard should highlight the article’s capital points, abridge customer behavior issues, and action some added strategies.

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